What is micro marketing – do you have a micro marketing

What is micro marketing – do you have a micro marketing

2013 is coming to an end, memories of this year, the most popular marketing circles than micro marketing word three. Now, micro marketing tools, micro marketing training, micro marketing books have been in mass production. Do micro marketing more and more people, Hu Sisong also follow the trend to spend a month to study micro marketing. But until now, micro marketing real success there? After N times the size of the party and the course, I only want to ask: is doing or going to do business or personal friends you really understand the basic concept of micro marketing or


we look together below, now most people (including many micro marketing training courses) for the understanding of marketing: Micro micro marketing = micro-blog + micro (video, film) + WeChat (personal, public number + micro mall) + two-dimensional code; this is micro marketing most people understand, spread. Some people say micro marketing is a new marketing way not hitherto unknown, you tell me how do you understand.

here, Hu Sisong just want to say that these concepts have a fundamental error. First of all, the concept of micro marketing has always existed, it is not new; in the above mentioned points can not represent the micro marketing. WeChat, micro-blog, micro video, etc. These are the scope of micro marketing, individual may be synonymous as a micro marketing, but can not be defined in this micro marketing.

The concept of

micro marketing is: "a small stroke, to light Bo heavy". Who can achieve "small is big, heavy with light Bo" marketing means can be called micro marketing. Those methods mentioned above can only be regarded as part of micro marketing. Tip: This article is a network marketing planner, the localization of O2O marketing experts "Hu Sisong" original, want to see more articles please search Hu Sisong, or visit Hu Sisong (Pinyin) mother card. Please retain the copyright information.

so far, the concept of micro marketing has said very clearly, some friends may ask "the conceptual theory has influence on the actual operation?" in fact, many do not personal or micro enterprise marketing, only know how to complain, but do not want to spend some time to analyze, if in the execution of no problem, the following points directly affect our marketing effect:

1, the concept is not clear – do not really understand the micro marketing

this is a very serious problem, many friends are not aware of this point, the question I just like: "these conceptual theory has influence on the actual operation?" there must be someone in asking this question. The concept is not clear will result in operational deviation, the deviation of the operation will result in a waste of execution, and ultimately waste our precious time.

2, do not pay attention, did not see

many companies are doing micro marketing, but not enough attention. In short, in order to do a good job of micro marketing enterprises must be to some extent the most priority. Set up a special marketing team, the rest of the departments actively cooperate in order to achieve the maximum effect of micro marketing. > >

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