How to quickly attract small fans to attract attention

How to quickly attract small fans to attract attention

referred to the operation of the forum, I think the vast majority of owners want to upgrade their forum is how to heat. After all, as a benchmark for the flow of products, the heat of the forum largely determines how far this forum can go. In fact, there are many forum types, we either do it or do the exchange forum, promotion method and secret of popular forum always have the same place, like the horizon, such as Entertainment Forum, A5, home of the webmaster webmaster information forum, behind the high viscosity of the solid is a forum for their operation experience. His business education forum, although the time is not long, but now look at their own achievements, and I think I was emboldened to share some of the popularity of experience, even if it is not very deep, but relatively easy to use.

seize the theme of the forum, pinpoint positioning. Want to improve their own heat, so that others recognize their value, it is necessary to clear their own forum theme. It’s like you do the TOEFL English forum, I removed a lot of useless Chicken Soup for the soul and emotion direct plate, highlight the theme, from the item bank, the exchange of experience, to help newcomers, each plate as far as possible the pursuit of meticulous and professional. Because I know that as a small forum, in popularity and resources to a certain extent that certainly do not, but you can catch fine, as far as possible to do logistics work for every visitor, let them in their own can be found on the website of the most practical learning guide. Like every time I finished the exam, I will be the first time to solve the problem and then share to everyone, so that everyone has a good position for their own learning. This is the real process of a forum for the development of the grassroots, too much exaggerated propaganda and the content of foam is the same as the entire site.

to achieve reasonable publicity according to the target user. Now is a marketing oriented society, any product to get the attention of others must learn to promote their own. Millet, hammer and so on are the leader. As a grassroots, our own influence is relatively low, you want to get the attention of free marketing must learn to. There are many means of marketing, soft, red net straight push, WeChat, micro-blog and so on can be, as long as you will be able to promote. Just as a person, I still feel that we have to choose their own products based on marketing tools. Or take their examples, TOEFL education is not a face of all groups of products, its direct user is only a small part of the students, so do the propaganda must find more local students. Everyone is obviously an ideal choice by everyone station, we can not only introduce some practical information push out, and friends can contact, which is helpful to improve the overall heat forum. In the same way, no matter what you do, as long as the user attributes, and according to the characteristics of the user select the appropriate marketing channels can be.

need to compete to fight their own hard to develop a shared environment is essential. Online education is a hot product category, this aspect of the New Oriental new channel, beyond count, not to say. Ladder net, 91 foreign teachers, etc.

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