Personal Adsense network income level

Personal Adsense network income level

      see the KYW Chinese SEOer level in stone, feel very interesting, so want to write a Chinese network money level. Unlike KYW, he is a master who can look at all kinds of characters on a very high level, and my perspective is a little bit smaller, just write about the people and things that I can see and know.

      before want to say to master: I will ignore some people there, although I often see you on only a few pages of the station every month there are one hundred thousand millions of dollars of revenue or articles, but I do not know you, so not listed here hope you don’t get angry, don’t scold me or a short-sighted.

      I prefer the member level used in the publisher’s forum, so find a few more representative adjectives from there.

      1, please pay more attention to

      this is a novice group, most of them received one or two times the amount of a small amount of money, or have income but not to pay the standard, or never received the money, they will be in hydrostatic and Wang Tong envy.

      novice usually do not have any successful site, personal site or blog a few days a rare IP, the situation is slightly better webmaster may have a few thousand PV flow. Such people often listen to a very profitable and constantly changing alliance advertising, often by one click to earn a few dollars a dream, because his friend said there is such a thing.

      estimated quantity: 50000-100000

      Dragon’s suggestion: focus on the construction site, in your site is not obvious effect as little as possible before considering advertising, if advertising should try to choose a large advertising, such as Google Adsense, Baidu theme promotion and Ali mother, do not listen to those who can help you through the multi-level marketing the millionaire advertising company, don’t try to cheat.

      2, a master hand’s first small display

      medium sized site, in a group of confused period. The website has a good reputation and flow, but the advertising revenue cannot satisfy oneself, and advertising revenue for their important degree is not high, smooth when it receives 1000 or thousand income by different advertising alliance.

      because of little impact, so the degree of attention to online advertising >

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