5 effective steps to create a marketing website

5 effective steps to create a marketing website

to build a marketing website, is to establish an integrated network marketing automation system to make money at the same time, so that your site is considered to be "authoritative", the need for a certain amount of time to accumulate. But there are ways to help you save a lot of time if you do it right. These 5 steps and methods are basically the same as building a regular web site, but some of the key ideas are different. Now, let’s take a look at the five steps and methods of building an authoritative marketing website.

step 1 website creation and branding

if you have not yet decided how to build your own web site, you need to select a site builder. WordPress is a simple and convenient way to create a web site. Of course, if you are professional, familiar with the Web developers, you can use any of the options you like. These factors must be considered when building your web site.

to create a brand, so that all the people who see it at all, you know what your site is about.

create a logo that is memorable, professional.

please select a valid color scheme that will be associated with your brand and logo.

branding is important for your website / business. Before you start building your site, you should have a logo idea, color scheme and overall brand image building. This will ensure that your site becomes authoritative when people will recognize your brand.

step 2 keyword research

we all know that we have to evaluate the key words of our competitors and Research on your website / business promotion effective keywords. There is no difference in building an authoritative website. Keyword research and content creation need to go hand in hand, but a specific method, establish the authority for the site in you, very useful.

At the beginning of

, we should start from the low competitive keyword, and build a large media content library, about 30 articles.

starts with a low competitive keyword that will win you a grace period that allows you to build and optimize the content until the rankings are promoted.

now, you can start to build your website, the ideal keyword density, you can move to the middle of competitive keywords.

now, focus on writing 30 articles containing competitive keywords. These articles are not only valuable for the search rankings, but they are good for your site, building more overall keyword density.

there is a time factor that needs to be considered, especially for medium competitive keyword search rankings. The purpose of this process is to build your site, and build your image, so that search engines included in your site.


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