How to organize a fair Forum

How to organize a fair Forum

  many in the community to explore their users, make the forum and activities more lively and strenuous brain. Always want to use a variety of holidays and major events in the name of a marketing campaign to enliven the atmosphere. How fair notary through the small forum to do online activities of full of sound and colour? Speaking of fair and justice, and how to say their users personally feel good? Let the webmaster headache.

recently, the famous Adsense community laggards grassroots webmaster information section of a post caused a lot of head of interest, a man named "love shopping website recently by mid autumn festival to engage in activities inadvertently caused the moderator’s attention, and commented:" for the first time to see such awards. I feel very special and very creative, hereby recommend to everyone together to discuss justice more research forum activities how to make how to do the activities of the "


here also cited the original content of the site:

below for reference:

Gailou content: the motherland blessings, blessing, blessing, blessing the couple family friend

Theme: no limit, can be poetry, can be a blessing

ordinary prizes: Dangdang, where customers, new egg, easy travel, catwalk, star master, Fourth District, No. 1 store coupons choose one.Special award: 2

special bonus: you wish for original, have profound meaning, and literary color, can also enjoy the rewards, love will be send to you.

then contact the author to the web site "guleng", he said the Mid Autumn Festival to engage in T building activities are also affected in the outdated and inspired, launched their membership organization this campaign to try, because their website has just started, and you’ll find some webmaster friends to support, especially vigorously support download site power station "eat people dream city" and sponsored the MP4 as prizes. However, through the lottery results is inspired by the time together to discuss how to extend this prize, "eat people dream casually say:" the total prize in the lottery than easier".

from such a small event marketing, and do not talk about the ultimate success of the event is to bring us to think about how to organize a

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