How college students, traditional industry workers in the operation of the door

How college students, traditional industry workers in the operation of the door

recently my public number fans have maintained rapid growth, in particular, received a lot of college students, as well as traditional industry workers attention. They have to ask questions in the background, the basic questions are asked and how to enter the operation of this line. Today and everyone ramble ramble.



1 Wei winter Hello, I is a sophomore student at XX University, majored in XX major, after graduation I want to add into the Internet industry, in the school in addition to learn their professional, I also do what


for example:

My brother is 2

in winter, XX industry staff, now traditional industry is not too bad, I want to go into the Internet, read your article, I found myself on the start of the operation is very interested, I want to join the business, but many companies because of lack of experience and not me, how can I join this line of


see so many problems backstage, anyway, I am very happy, because there are more and more people began to pay attention to the Internet, focusing on the operation of this field.

what about the non internet industry in the end the operation how to enter the door, I will come and we ramble ramble today.


first of all, I must emphasize that

I hope you have a basic understanding of the job and the industry as a whole.

regardless of the current stage of the operation of the Internet industry which positions, such as content management, new media operators, electricity supplier operations, community operations, user operations, activities, operations, channel operations, etc..

many of the work done by the operator, and what you are doing now is not much difference.

, for example, a reader came to me, said he wanted to do the operation, I asked him to work, the original is in the advertising company to do copywriter planning. I said to him, your work is a sense of operation ah, continuous optimization planning content, content, content of the output, your job is content operation ah, then look for the donkey

?There is a

reader said he joined the Internet Co, and businesses dealing with every day, all kinds of businesses, they deal with trivial things, coordination arrangements and so on, he did finally do a bit doubt life, ask yourself whether or not the operation.

I said of course you are, you can be called business operations, can also be called user operations, although you may not like the name of the position, but the work you do, in fact, and they don’t have any difference between


then I slowly understand, in fact, a lot of people want to do business, may only be the bright appearance of things attracted: wonderful activities, maxed circle of friends; they may think that this work will be more operation > interesting than he had available work