Through the house to see the network marketing

Through the house to see the network marketing

first explain what is the home of." Indoorsman; " originated in Japan, originally refers to those who love animation, comics and games and so on, the common use tends to be neutral, which also has been described by " " and the pride of the house;;." Zhai male " semantic in the extended love culture interest, even described has deep attainments in the field of human occupation trend. At present, the word has been more broadly, to stay at home, all the people rely on the network.

today’s college students, most of the state: " graduate unemployment ". They choose to avoid the crowds of sight, stay at home, become the standard curtilage. It is now often said that the freedom of occupation (SOHO). They are tired of nine to five days, but they can still make money but, a lot of people earn money than an office worker to abundant

know what is the house, then clearly the house is how to live. A necessary condition for home life, is to have the Internet and telephone, and living room door to surrounding restaurants, small supermarket and door-to-door. Most of the people home several days or even a few days out of the gate two step, wearing pajamas, without makeup hair, it is a little house shape. Supplies depend on the network to buy, Soybean Milk, books and magazines, clothes, towels, and even a pet food, underwear is through the network courier, Alipay, bank card, MSN, QQ, blogs, forums, online games is the most otaku life filling


network marketing has been diversified marketing mode, can combine the kaleidoscope. Create a new marketing concept: delivery. Now most Indoorsman Indoorswoman for network and telephone dependence, has far more than the physical store outside. Online shopping is convenient to make more and more Indoorsman Indoorswoman mall now you are staying at home. How are you not on the network, network above what some sell. And this you do not store. This is the house in the eyes of the charm of this network, " delivery " formation had laid the foundation of solid.

browse news support home life, we obtain this information: from the birth of 2003, creatively introduced the third party payment tool, "Alipay" to 2004 "Taobao Wangwang" shopping chat on-line, 2006 "Alipay" upgrade, launched the "full compensation" system, with a shot, a new type B2C launch platform, and then to 2007 water network marketing business, looking for new profit model for Chinese electronic commerce, March 2008 Taobao mall B2C new platform upgrade release. In March 2008 the board of directors of the Alibaba chairman and CEO Jack Ma in Alibaba released Rhetoric: "network forum trading volume in more than 10 years of WAL-MART global." It is reported that Taobao 2007 transaction volume of 43 billion 300 million yuan