Micro-blog operations 818 Sina micro-blog Tuba those things

Micro-blog operations 818 Sina micro-blog Tuba those things

prepared to write a large micro-blog behind the things behind the article, wrote five thousand words found lost, the mood pull cool cool.

was later writing this article, the same theme, but think of what to write what, don’t know how to forgive the readability, wow.

dad saw himself as a 50 year old experience of the old man, the phone often said there is no education hangwanlilu I need to read to read. Every time I call him, he seems to be interested in talking about all kinds of people in the industry.

recently said that in the history, many people said that the so-called history and an era, in fact, many of the individual components. There are a few people in a certain time, the total is pushed in the teeth of the storm, do some things and promote the historical process, growth and experience of the heroes of this group of all-powerful basic can frame the context of the times. Like the circle we look at Ma, Ma brothers and many of the Internet predecessors entrepreneurial process, you can also outline the development of China’s Internet drawings.

narrowed that, for a platform as well. The rise of these years, micro-blog, said the small change in the mode of information dissemination, change the relationship between people and the chain, said to promote the popularization of the concept of democracy, promote the historical process…… There are a lot of interesting people and stories. Here to share with you some of the things about micro-blog account operations.

a fan on the accumulation of

Marx’s "Das Kapital" of the primitive accumulation of capital capital said "come into the world, from head to foot, every pore dripping with blood and dirt." So history is always reincarnation, many people on micro-blog accumulation of the way is also a microcosm of the primitive accumulation of it, many times it seems hasty and chaotic.

1, buy fans

the fastest and most direct way is to buy a lot of fans should account, large quantities of micro-blog buy fans, whether the company account, personal account or some marketing account, in order to make micro-blog look better ways of gathering a large number of credibility, fans in a short period of time is to buy powder. Since the development of micro-blog, the quality and price of the fans has been changing, here to provide a copy of the end of April 2013 the latest price fans reference number for you:

Table 1: April 2013 micro-blog vermicelli quality and price situation

A pair of lovely brothers selling fans who come into contact with

, they work in Guangdong, is selling fans amateur work. They through micro-blog promotion, various forums, QQ and friends way out selling fans information, people buy directly with their fans on marketing QQ, after the agreed price and quantity, making Taobao link payment, payment after ten minutes plus powder. Brother of the two younger brother is easy-going, angular, after the general list can be a little brother to the counter, and have not received the money can be added to fans, this is often about brother. By the end of 2012