How to talk from 10P to 600 P to promote my line (on)

How to talk from 10P to 600 P to promote my line (on)

is my new old, recently opened after the discovery of the original old customer basically lost, not only, to promote! Promotion through a series of online and offline store, from less than 10IP to 600 IP at most, this two days sold 20 pairs of shoes. From that in addition to online promotion, we must not forget the line promotion is very important, I basically is to increase the amount of the browsing through the line promotion, we should know the next line sales accounted for the entire commodity sales of about 98%, a large number of customers or the line ah, here I share promotion methods recently under line.

1, a street vendor DM promotion. In fact, I really thought mainly from the promotion of the cable under the stall. There is a bus station on the edge of our community, a lot of people get off at night, there are a lot of stalls. On that day, just purchase the boring, also to set up a stall, the effect is really good, basically every day is more than and 50 dollars (basically 9 pm to 10:30). But there are often chased harassment, I would like to go down this way is not the way, is how to promote my shop out. Hey, put stall when not just can send some DM? Idea, immediate action, first use A4 paper printed many shop information, then cut into one small note, when I see the night, as long as the shoe, pass a DM past are generally accepted, the first day is. There are about 50, second days, about 40, behind the day. Then, I use quantum statistics to view the amount of view, the day did not change, the second day seems to increase by about IP or so, the third day seems to be the 10 IP, little change in the next few days. I analyze why the change is not too much, and found that their DM is not very formal, a lot of people look at it may be lost. The reason to find, I immediately went to the text shop, printed the same card DM, sent out. Hey, this effect is a little bit up! There are about 50 IP in the back, and then there are more than more than and 100. The above is my nearest stall promotional leaflets, tell everyone must do not pay attention to publicity in the street directly single promotion, so many people will be thrown into the garbage heap, must make accurate marketing, which came to you my shoe, basically want to buy or have the intention, and she said "do not buy, we can go to the shop to see, basically will receive the leaflets.

2, residential DM promotion. Put stall in the DM promotion has certain results, found that promotional leaflets is really effective. So consider a DM extension in the area, because our area although the older (96 years) but the basic is a transit area, is the first in which young people buy a small set, not two years into the big house, upstairs downstairs I like this, I have to turn (a few years. Haha). So, we are all young people. Since it is young people can not do without the network, that is, there will be Taobao. This resource was not found to think of a pity, the second day I immediately went to the text shop, take my product pictures, shop Logo, a full day spent only to make the DM, a total of 1000 printed. Then >

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