nternet thinking skin and hair vertical or hammer

nternet thinking skin and hair vertical or hammer


this year, but IT and B2BB2CC2CC2AM2CO2O do portal many old media new media from the media streaming mouth about the Internet thinking seems to keep up with this advanced rhythm. This does not, brother not falling into the rut of a back? Today to pull this egg.

when one day pushing carts to stall handed you a two-dimensional code name card when XXX.COM baked sweet potato CEO, that was new? Was released on the Internet thinking. Moreover, the last public toilets, is planning to take out a piece of silver to buy a ticket, the door of the uncle reached a stop: do not worry, according to traffic charges.

don’t think this is right away. "The medicine medicine, check it out, a set of fruit pancake", it is not like Huang Taiji? Allegedly within 6 months of sales to reach 100 million, annual sales of 10 billion to do. You are 10 billion, the Qingfeng buns face where to put? At any rate it is today you bite something valuable advice.

blows, but bragging do not pay taxes. Fans of what everyone has a copy quotations: just standing on the air, pigs can fly! Ray always said, millet mobile phone shipments in 2014 will reach 40 million. TM are like chicken blood.

people always lack of collective bragging genes, from before the founding of the liberation of all mankind to 58 years of iron and steel and overtaking, from national to Guchunyaoshe Qigong fever after playing pyramid, which is not a carnival a feather? The table ‘revolving door for a crop of another crop, now Feng Shui take turns, it industry bigwigs also tempted inner turmoil roll sleeve into battle.

is even more ridiculous is that one is not going after another come kick. Do the hammer mobile phone Ronaldo (non Comrade Luo Zhenyu) from the beginning of last year to shout "seckill millet Meizu" shouting "to the end of the year will buy Apple", a knowledgeable knew it was just a brush, do not know who thought is run quack dayao. Baidu about old resume, looking at the goods style sounds so familiar, indeed, do mlm. Or the original recipe, or familiar taste.

brother know that these words do not discuss what harm. For brother ray powder rose, will also step down to coax brother: cut, you know

a hammer!

marketing hunger to know not? See? No marketing guru Lei hunger millet can sell into the eyes of the prime minister Keqiang Luo Pangge financing rice? 70 million


, the 70 million silver Daoteng to Zha? Tencent technology in an interview last year that Ronaldo revealed the secret: "all my people and all the money is for the high-profile", "I am only 9 million start-up capital. This round of talk about the money, the dollar fund has not been finalized, but these Chinese entrepreneurs have been given to 2 hundred million, I only need to be 80 million".

to explain to you what is called Luo fat

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