Daily topics less than two months to receive 500 million yuan financing to live hundreds of years li

Daily topics less than two months to receive 500 million yuan financing to live hundreds of years li

A5 (www.admin5.com) September 29th news station network, in mid August 2015, live 100 announced the completion of nearly 200 million yuan B round of financing, on Wednesday (September 23) live hundreds and HNA tourism group over 500 million yuan C round of financing, a strategic partnership with HNA tourism. Had almost sold the start-up companies, how to get a short time to live two rounds of financing down it?

live hundreds of millions of houses covering more than and 60 popular cities and regions around the world, overseas local staff and other advantages. One hundred lives said, after the signing of this agreement, live hundreds of outbound short rental business will be combined with the HNA tourism group aviation and tourism resources depth, provide a more comfortable and secure the quality of service for the majority of users to travel abroad.

100 was founded in 2012, in August 2014 won the star of Lenovo million dollars A round of financing, in August 12th this year, the completion of the CITIC golden collar vote, Angelababy AB  Captial, star group, union innovation capital, DreamWorks, 2049 sea capital investments with a total of nearly two hundred million yuan B round of financing. Its founder and CEO Zhang Hengde graduated from the University of Michigan Business School, I loved my family group executives.

as a short rental service providers, and Airbnb is the difference between the provision of destination tourism services. And the pig short rent, the way home and other domestic short rental live hundreds of different game player, mainly for overseas demand for free Chinese visitors, villa Residence Oltremare reservation, aims to provide a more authentic travel experience for free travel preference of tourists, the target customer group is more than two times of outbound travel experience in high-end income groups.

said Zhang Hengde wanted to do things based on the Airbnb, but different from Airbnb. If the Airbnb mode light, similar to Taobao, the way home mode, similar to the Jingdong, so he wants to do a similar mode of Tmall company, or somewhere in between: seize the pain point demand on the market is not satisfied, build a self service system, optimize through the service. To improve the Chinese outbound travel experience.

in such a short period of time triggered frequent financing two speculation: preparing for the "burn"; for the next action to pave the way for more capital. In this regard, live hundreds of founder, CEO Zhang Hengde said in an interview, "Hainan is a strategic investment, in addition to direct financial cooperation, integration of resources will be wired offline. Also, there is the winter capital   on the market at present; that is (financing) to prepare for the long term, (the reason of frequent financing) is more reserve forage".

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