Micro-blog today will be listed on the evening of the maximum amount of financing $437 million

Micro-blog today will be listed on the evening of the maximum amount of financing $437 million

micro-blog today will be listed on the evening of the highest financing amount of $437 million

[TechWeb] reported on April 17th news, according to investors for Sina micro-blog released the IPO roadshow file, Sina’s micro-blog will be in Beijing this evening, the United States on April 17th officially listed on the Nasdaq, under the ticker symbol WB".

according to the contents of the prospectus, micro-blog IPO pricing range intends to be U.S. Depositary Shares per share (ADS) $17 to $19. Micro-blog plans to issue 20 million shares of ADS IPO, and granted the Underwriters the highest placement rights of up to 3 million shares of ADS, that the company issued a maximum of ADS shares of 23 million. According to the issue price ceiling of $19, micro-blog’s highest financing amount of $437 million.

According to the prospectus, micro-blog plans to use $250 million of the proceeds from the transaction in the future to repay loans owed to Sina, the remaining funds will be used in the field of technology and product development and investment in

. Micro-blog IPO issue price of the highest price of $19, the market value of about $3 billion 857 million micro-blog listed.

it is understood that the micro-blog IPO underwriters include Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs), Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) and Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley), Piper Jaffray (Piper Jaffray) and Renaissance (China Renaissance).

prospectus, Alibaba in March 14th this year has been put forward to Sina for micro-blog, the shares will be overweight, get a 32% stake in micro-blog, at the same time, the Alibaba will also have the right to appoint a director of the board of micro-blog, Sina holdings dropped to 56.9%.

according to the prospectus, the current Sina chairman and CEO Cao Guowei served as chairman of micro-blog, Sina senior vice president Wang Fei served as micro-blog CEO. In addition, Sina market and local stations business unit general manager Ge Jingdong served as vice president of micro-blog market, Sina executive CFO Yu Zhengjun as micro-blog CFO, sina CFO Zhang Yi served as micro-blog CFO, Sina vice president of business cooperation Wang Yajuan served as vice president of micro-blog business cooperation.

listed on the eve of micro-blog update prospectus data show that in the first quarter of 2014 revenue of $67 million 500 thousand, an increase of 161% over the same period last year. First quarter advertising revenue was $51 million 900 thousand, an increase of $18 million 760 thousand over the same period last year, $177%, accounting for the proportion of total revenue revenue of $76.9%.

In addition

, according to Sina released in February fourth quarter and full year 2013 results, micro-blog steadily commercialization process last year, micro-blog’s fourth quarter revenue of $71 million 400 thousand, an increase of 151%, growth of 33.7%, the profit of 3 million U.S. >

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