The Ministry of culture of heavy combat illegal music website

The Ministry of culture of heavy combat illegal music website


recently, the Ministry of culture on the music site deployed eighth times to investigate and deal with the work, the 117 music sites will be punished. But industry analysts, in the face of the lack of profit model of music website, the investigation work will not fundamentally solve the music website content chaos.

117 illegal music website will accept the rectification

days ago, the Ministry of culture to further strengthen the online music market supervision, purify the network cultural environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the online music business, issued the "norms on the online music market order, regulation of network music website violation notice" and "on the investigation of the eighth batch of illegal Internet cultural products and business activities of the notice" to carry out the deployment, standardize the network music market order, remediation of illegal network music website action.

according to the person concerned, in accordance with the provisions of the Interim Provisions on the management of Internet culture, the notice did not get permission to operate or no record of a total of 117 music sites. Among them, "hey hey dance", "Shenzhen DJ dance" 10 network music website "rude song" contains prohibited content such as network music products; "a strange music network" and "Chinese song network" 19 online music sites and "illusion" and "hero city" 7 online game website, without authorization to engage in Internet cultural activities.

will not eliminate illegal vulgar music

silent music label manager Xu quietly told reporters that the Ministry of culture of the music website is the eighth time to investigate, but have not solved the network music website with vulgar music, the phenomenon of infringement. "Now the network music in the domestic market is very large, but not a standardized market." Xu Momo said, for example, now the price of a traditional CD production is about 100 thousand yuan, the lowest production cost of network songs as long as $30, thousands of times the gap between the production of music content can be imagined. But because the network music equipment and software are relatively easy to obtain, have certain professional knowledge of music software investment 1000 yuan, buy a good headset can make network music. Moreover, there is no real sense of the domestic network of music supervision system. Such a low threshold of the market, coupled with the lack of supervision system, music content and quality is difficult to be guaranteed. Therefore, if you want to manage the music website, not from the source of the production of music content control is impossible to achieve. The rectification of so many sites, but after the rectification, these sites will also be determined to prevent a stirring among the dry bones? If the music network infringement, should also be more important is to improve the supervision mechanism and the establishment of punishment system".

in addition, some analysts said that with the online music market in the music industry, the status of the more important, the infringement has occurred frequently. "Now the copyright of network music basically can be said to be unable to protect the domestic copyright protection agencies to provide only a few, and the charges are relatively"

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