nternet thinking to subvert the rental industry wonderful case from the palace style business model

nternet thinking to subvert the rental industry wonderful case from the palace style business model


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from the point of view of micro innovation, rent is a national pain point. So many young subjects are very fire to flat-share as background, such as "love apartment". Many young people have had the painful experience of renting, but now a lot of products are to solve the flow of information, there is no intervention in the service flow.

recently saw a wonderful case, the way the Internet to subvert the rental agency, why is wonderful, because traditionally, it is entirely from the palace type business model, but I am optimistic about it:

1, business model subversion, not to sell information, but to sell services. This product is free friends home, their houses to rent, usually at least 3 years to sign the contract, then the high quality decoration, configuration of good quality furniture appliances, cleaning and other maintenance and equipped with Follow-Up Services, then between the units of sublet to young people. After rising rent the whole house and the sub profit is operating on the basis of the business chain of home.

2, with the housekeeper to solve the user pain points. And within 3 years the number increased to more than 1 thousand people, and the housekeeper is the fastest growing sector, currently has more than 600 free housekeeper, accounted for 60% of all the staff, the tenant, the housekeeper is omnipotent, all problems can find the housekeeper.

3, and even can have their own fans, they call free passengers, are some young people. They even do a lot of micro innovation from the user, and found that many young people with a lot of luggage to check in, daily life needs a space does not occupy the space of the mirror, etc.. Free to ask IKEA, but IKEA is not willing to. Free on their own design, looking for suppliers to achieve. Improved in September 2012, the 2 edition of the friends of the house, the space under the bed is widened, you can accommodate luggage, cabinet door behind the dressing mirror……

so, where the pain points, is a big opportunity, what else?

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source: first Economy & Finance Weekly Author: Yang Xuan Chen Sixu Shi Yu

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for almost everyone from the field to Beijing to make a living in such a big city, the rental is a must go through and very painful thing. According to the Beijing Bureau of statistics, in 2013 the resident population of Beijing exceeded 8 million. According to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau data, more than 8.4% of Shanghai’s foreign population, of which only in the purchase of a home in Shanghai from 10 million.

from 2010 to 2013 four years, Beijing housing prices rose 18%, respectively, 15%, 11%, 13%, 4000 yuan a month or so of the two bedroom, over the past few years, the landlord every year to raise about $500, "chain home real estate market research department.

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