have fallen in love with this industry website

have fallen in love with this industry website

I am a senior student in school, maybe my friends will think that I am a computer science, in fact, I am not learning mechanical design and automation. For the website, this is purely my personal hobby. In 2002, I went to a private Changchun University software engineering, the computer can be said to be utterly ignorant of, for the website construction is in the school I have as can be imagined, learning a year, now remember feeling fun lies, where a year, but I have no interest in I learned the professional class, fell for a minor – web design, that time I began to love web design, looking at examples of the book (HTML) why is it so attractive, but also some of the words in it, feel particularly fun, so I began to contact the static web page HTML. He later met a friend of the class, he also do not quite understand, and I just said the Internet can make money, my home in the countryside, so for profit. Love is very sensitive, and so he went to the cafe at noon every day after class to get the money online, but a week did not understand that, let me say goodbye to that dream costs $2 an hour.

2003, I dropped out, because I don’t have a crush on the professional, plus the high tuition fees, I went back to high school repetition, of course in the process of static pages with the squadron has not been interrupted, that time back in high school, people look at me to get these thought I was very proud that badly, hey ah.

in 2004, I was admitted to the Heilongjiang Qiqihar University, a mechanical specialty, because I feel myself a computer website, very ill, joined the students will help teachers with computer, what, that year coincided with grade two in our school website development, because of my "excellent computer technology", has been appointed in this work, joined the campus network transformation of the industry, in fact, now think of it, that it is the first time I mature contact static pages, because as long as you put out your school website design frame on the line, the other call JS code, I do not know at that time ah, ah this website can feel ah, oh can exchange information, really fun! With curiosity by before I was through this process to understand what is the website backstage.

2005, the website of the college ready, because "I have a large increase in technology, so it is leading reuse college, let me set up the information department, responsible for the work, in this period, their technology is that html+js code, I feel very childish.

When the

in 2006, the students in our school will put me in the past, let me when the school student’s information minister, how to say, was very excited, but after the first thing is the President let me revised website student, my days it is ASP ah, dynamic website real. I don’t know anything. "

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