Talking about the use of Baidu to achieve sales goals

Talking about the use of Baidu to achieve sales goals


by more and more people know the sales, the first Baidu know gathered a large number of high quality Internet users, why they are of high quality Internet users, Baidu know itself is a general quiz platform, when users encounter unknown white problems in life, the network will be in Baidu know question. Is the so-called people more power, more than one person can obtain the answer in a short period of time in Baidu know question, so Baidu know Internet users are of high quality, because they have a lot of questions asking.

has put Baidu users know in the sales location of users, so you’ll start the sales strategy, the first in the Baidu search engine lists a bunch of words about their products, about forty or fifty can be collected after, you should prepare a pile of Baidu know answer account, account more rate is greater on their own sales, why do you say so, because Baidu know there is a limit, a new account with the domain name is not allowed to publish or reply, when issued or with the domain name when reply, let Baidu know although you submit the issue of success, but it is not displayed, of course this is Baidu know to shield, so having high grade Baidu know account is an important factor in determining the rate of sales.

when everything is ready, you can expand sales, ask first with the new Baidu account for the note here, questions have to try to imitate the voice of the user questions, don’t let a person feel to see you is a vest, then what kind of sales, after the first question don’t change the account answer, to address preserved, continue to ask questions, until you feel about the same time, then turn to answer, here again, Baidu know there is a certain limit for answer can be linked with the account, for example, about three of Baidu users know that you can take in the link answer, but after several published links will be Baidu know Baidu know your shield, shielding link is not only a shield, but before you The full screen, so this must be very careful.

as for the question how to do, it depends on his literary level, can achieve the purpose of sales, the key content in winning the only answer, we must pay attention to the user experience, only users feel that your product can make him feel safe, effective, good quality and good service, can sell, or you even do promotion more, after all your product is not successful promotion.

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