A part of the subway 10 times tickets can be used only once said in response can change

A part of the subway 10 times tickets can be used only once said in response can change

recently, some in the Gaopeng Metro Group purchase Commemorative Ticket (10 times) "consumers reflect the ride in the 1 subway after normal use. Gaopeng relevant responsible person said, part of the batch of tickets is a problem in production, has carried out verification and rectification.

5219 people purchase Gaopeng subway ticket

Metro free, only 41 yuan subway ticket panic buying Gaopeng tourists! Can take 10 times, every time is not limited by the number of stations into one! 1! "At the end of November, the netizen Mr. Gu saw the subway ticket discount information in the Internet to try holding high, the mood of a meter group purchase discount the subway ticket," I have heard that before buying, just want to buy a try, did not expect the move."

before use, Mr. Gu through the ticketing system is displayed 1 times, did not want to go directly to the subway, the results show the rest of the time when the gate machine. Gu said that his friends also bought 2 subway tickets, have the same problem. Gao Peng network group purchase page, tourist ticket has been sold out, a total of 5219 people buy, the exchange is valid until April 30, 2013.

Wang also said, "10 cards" subway ticket, in QQ, F group and high friend group purchase group purchase are cheap, panic buying is very hot, "I had to buy 40 tickets, with several colleagues to buy, add up to about 200."

then, Mr. Wang at Gaopeng subway station exchange to the ticket booth, he took a swipe stop, notice the gate "the remaining 1 times, out of the station after the show" the remaining 0 times". Subsequently, this card can no longer be used. He asked the other colleagues, found that there are four people have encountered the same situation, but there are a number of similar experience on micro-blog users.

has given rise to a great deal of attention

users who have to discount ticket calculations: the subway 10 times (not limited to the number of stations) price 80 yuan, sold 41 yuan, an average of 4.1 yuan each, according to 22 working days per month, at least 44 times, if a single fare is 5, 6, 7, 8 yuan (excluding 70 more than 10 percent off yuan per month, respectively) discount can save 39.6 yuan, 83.6 yuan, 127.6 yuan, 171.6 yuan, a year can save up to 2000 yuan.

due to the greater intensity of the ticket discount, sales have led to the public questioned the fear of disrupting the subway ticketing system and operating order. The Shanghai subway has released information that the subway ticket group purchase activity is "commercial marketing strategy gaopeng.com gift to the customer feedback, and Shentong Metro asset management companies to participate in the cooperation. Metro said that this is a means to promote the sale of subway travel ticket sales through the market means an attempt.

said the subway, 41 yuan fare discount is to supplement the difference in group purchase website customer feedback advertising >

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