Three stupid webmaster in Anhui.

Three stupid webmaster in Anhui.

At present,

‘s most influential three head webmaster webmaster portal network, Wang laggards refused to swimming fish and Chinese station A Fei, for the first time in the 5.17 meeting of the Hefei Anhui owners meeting, admitted that he is a stupid webmaster. Admin5 editor exclusive disclosure of the general meeting of the top three Anhui webmaster wonderful moments.

figure King Classic words: "I am a stupid webmaster!"

"whenever successful webmaster mostly after some dusty face two or three years of struggle, began to success threshold. Including me, and they are also like this hooligan fish. We have current results is not representative of the best of us, just because we have a common defect, that is, stupid! "The king heard figure these words, the scene in an uproar. Graph king spoke at the conference, seemed quite life feeling, there have been some dull remarks died over the words out.

"do do so many years than during Admin5 excellent website is more, but now we can’t see them, they either disappeared or to defeat Not the least trace was found., ending, or fame is not clear, but why would Admin5 stationmaster net ordinary save to now, just because a word – stupid." These feelings mentioned a lot of graph king, the speed is also fast.

"it is because we’re stupid, a gut pass in the end, so it has suffered setbacks and difficulties; it is because we are stupid, do not know what work, it will calm down, quietly doing their insistence. Even though it has made our debt; it is because we are so stupid, to endure loneliness failure also endure loneliness success! Do 7, 8 years. Although the total station, in some places, but the total number of some personal experience, by the general assembly to share with you." Graph king next words, more bluntly condemnation, but at the same time, do a webmaster.

I personally think that "

" is a hard work, the two is money ‘! In the survival of the fittest in the fierce competition, any dream is pale, we should abandon the fantasy, contact the actual situation of their own. Money is to work hard for the premise, hard work is for the purpose of making money. Our goal is very simple – survive! ADMIN5 in the continuous expansion, from IDC to telecom based business, to be honest, we do stand is to make money. Of course, you can have ideals and aspirations, which is a good thing, but must be based on self-sufficiency."

said that when the graph king watched the fish said, "I have advised the laggards suggested they do IDC, I ask here, fish, why don’t you do IDC?" the guests sitting in the fish, then the graph king, with a meaningful smile, but always did not respond.

fish classic words: "we are a group of weak light of fireflies, how to shine like the sun and moon? Only crowded together."

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