Blood, to QQ interested tribal Baidu event winner Post Bar off

Blood, to QQ interested tribal Baidu event winner Post Bar off

until now, Baidu employee Wang Wenyuan still believes Post Bar event is an organized conspiracy in the view of the 2012 University Graduate recruits Baidu programmers, Baidu head shrouded in clouds coincidence too that before this, be caught off guard, he and his colleagues are talking more high light moment without a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment the car and the Wuzhen convention.



"this is a conspiracy."

was asked how to look at Baidu Post Bar event, Wang Wenyuan attitude clear, he told Sina Technology, in the middle of their colleagues, a lot of people think so.

in Baidu, Post Bar event itself is not worth discussing, the facts are clear and have nothing to say. But the event was exposed and fermentation process, so that they feel angry or even angry, a view is being known in the Baidu building staff, there are more people tend to believe that this is a conspiracy against Baidu.

"Post Bar action damaged the original main interests." Wang Wenyuan said, and show the discussion group in their dialogue screenshots to Sina Technology, "simple things, it is the original A on behalf of the company was sold to B medical, Baidu medical company C, violated the interests of B, and then A hired a team of navy…… In fact, whether it is B and C, are not what a decent company, the original owner of A, it’s not what good bird."

actually, with similar ideas more than Baidu employees, Baidu Post Bar outbreak to know, our CEO Zhang Jin also had a related question. However, the final outcome was the main witness. Hemophilia and other food ants, once removed from the Baidu Post Bar almost know the circumstantial evidence, the "how to look into the original CEO Zhang DXY, ant food hemophilia questioned?" the question, gain the most support answer. The tendency to support the original main dish on the side of the ant.


but Wang Wenyuan said, "conspiracy" and more than the Lord, and in the larger interest level, this incident completely in the know, Sogou, WeChat and QQ in the upstream tribe to walk in a circle.


"our public relations with media reporters and export in foreign countries, the event sizzling in the know, after the beginning of media in the circle of friends everywhere, but we also know that a lot of it, went to QQ interested tribes." At the mention of each platform, Wang Wenyuan flexor emphasize, trying to show to the reporter: Sina technology behind this also involves greater interest of truth.

in fact, Wang Wenyuan’s idea is not unfounded. In Baidu Post Bar after the outbreak of the incident, many owners began to choose to leave the size. In this incident exposed Baidu Post Bar hemophilia small bar ant dish, and turned to join the hemophilia tribal management team, served as the chief position and it is similar. Tencent mobile QQ interest

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