Share the advantages and disadvantages of several promotion methods

Share the advantages and disadvantages of several promotion methods

now mentioned promotion, many companies will choose to pay, because the best effect, and relatively easier, of course, different enterprises, the cost will be different, many small companies are unable to bear huge advertising costs, and this time will choose some free promotion methods, such as text, quiz, classification, several blogs, said the following about the advantages and disadvantages in this way.

1, the best effect, but at the same time the most difficult soft Wen

for some bad situation network promotion now, we will be following equipment five artifact:

soft in the usual Internet, can be said to be everywhere, this way is the best effect of free promotion effect, is also the largest, good soft, not only will not let users feel disgusted, but also let the user collection and forwarding, and at the same time let them know our products, this is the soft value, if soft writing is not good, but was disgusted. How soft to write my will no longer here carefully say, because I don’t write soft article, so, to give you some advice here, soft Wen must be readable first, the original second, third is true, fourth is for people, these points must have good control.

soft is the advantage of good effect, high volume, than the simple hair of the chain effect is much better. The disadvantage is that writing is more difficult, need certain literary style.

2, the best choice to maintain the image of the company, Q & a platform

includes Baidu answers, Sogou, 360 and the end of the world, when the user does not know how the products are often through the search for answers, we welcome these users here, give some proper guidance, often will usher in a specific user, but now has very strict audit inquiry platform, if you want to do outside the chain through this platform, then you’d save it. Delete just a matter of time.

The advantage of

is that it can maintain the image of the enterprise and get the potential users. The disadvantage is that the contact and the survival probability of the site is very low.

3, the best open platform blog

blog is now very few people use, but if the quality of the blog is good, there will be a lot of visits, and the content can be prepared at their own will not be involved in the audit. The disadvantage is that a lot of blog has been added nofollow tags, no longer have the weight of the effect of transmission, another drawback is: the new blog is difficult to be included after the chain.

4, the public platform classified information

classified information website for one or more, traffic, here can be used as a chain of the platform, if you just to send the chain, then we need some related articles and attach a URL, if you want to be outside the chain and get the user, then the content you need to consider. And in the form of illustrations, guarantee the authenticity. The two >

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