China’s first webmaster network novel net life of the third chapter

China’s first webmaster network novel net life of the third chapter

      Chinese first stationmaster network novel "net life" [original] author: first Chinese webmaster webmaster forum Chinese Linghu solitary ( July 22, 2007, QQ:58893388, the daily updates, comments or opinions please contact the author. Thanks for cooperation. Copyright (Fox) and lone Linghu China all webmaster. Please be careful.

      out of the school gate, Yang holding a bright hand, pulling the run. As if afraid of the brothers to catch up with the general. Go far away. Stopped a few cars to stop. Two people take a taxi to Xinjiekou to buy three copies of McDonald, and found a restaurant called the sichuan. And so on back to the computer room, the students are already on the computer. Red face shy ran inside, Yang just sit down, Zhang ran slowly moved over, smiled and said: "boy, can do" at this time, a teacher in the shout: "there, sit back to your seat."

      the last two days, the weather in Nanjing is changeable, the night, Zhang Ben suddenly heard Yang on the bed. Push up Yang, try head: "I rely on your head, Yang, good hot, hurry up and go to the hospital to see." "Oh, all right, all right, such as the morning morning, Zhang Ran hurriedly pull collapsed Yang ran to the hospital. First, a taxi to the South China University of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, lined up, hung the expert number, a body temperature, 41.6°, fast burn the thermometer. Also accompanied by bursts of cough sound, Zhang Ben jokingly said: "is not SARS Oh," an expert doctor Yang and Zhang Ben said: "you go to other hospitals to see it, not a guy burn." Zhang Ben had to take Yang to other hospitals. The first thought is the provincial people’s Hospital, to the people’s Hospital, almost no hurry to die, it is easy to find a medical registration office, a look, enough to have 300 people in the queue, if this wait, not to burn. Zhang Ben said: "well, I’ll take you to the hospital. The opposite of Nanjing, fewer people" is also a toss. Finally, I put the number on it. The doctor diagnosed pulmonary infection, mild pneumonia. Zhang Ben said with a laugh: "is not yesterday’s fake gold Nanjing? In a word, after the injury, Yang met the smoke of the king of Nanjing on the far away. Dare not close.

     , in the afternoon, with the bedroom of Shi Pingwei and pan Jie come to accompany Yang, Yang advised them to go back to class, two people laugh and say, "don’t go, anyway, nothing good on, with you. ", pan Jie Yang to compare the feelings of a sense of dependence, love is always sticking pan Jie Yang, because in the former Xinhua news often mix in the society, so Yang gave him a nickname, called two. Pan Jie is not what reaction, however, often called Yang called big boy, or uncle. Hang the water, a few people have helped collapsed Yang back to the bedroom, on the road, Shi Pingwei still yelling " the nurses here are beautiful sister. After the illness, all come here to see " pan Jie >

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