Week news review electricity supplier price war 360 search

Week news review electricity supplier price war 360 search

first, Jingdong provoked electricity supplier price war


this week, the Internet is undoubtedly the most talked about Jingdong provoked electricity supplier price war. The morning of August 14th, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog said in the mall CEO Jingdong, Jingdong all appliances will maintain zero margin in the next three years, and will deploy staff Suning Gome store. Follow suning.com said that all of its products will be lower than the price of Jingdong. August 15th, Gome also said Gome online mall not resigned to playing second fiddle, all commodity prices will be 5% lower than the Jingdong store. The price war not only to everyone involved in electricity and 3C products, but also spread under the line.


electricity supplier industry "hot" tit for tat, fierce competition in price. The butterfly effect is quite obvious. Not only the industry and consumers are widely concerned, but also affect the overall pattern of electricity providers, stock prices, shopping guide search and other aspects. Whether it is Internet users questioned the price war is not just a gimmick, or suspect that it is genuine goods at a fair price, the industry between each investor’s showdown, make sure a hidden mystery behind. Why did not seize Jingdong Suning Liu Qiangdong explain the reasons on micro-blog, has hinted that Suning use individual local government relations to the whole of us". However, the motives for the Jingdong, there are many different interpretations of the outside world. From the "twenty-first Century net" reported that "the core of Suning is two level of market valuation, if the valuation system collapse is loser. Zhang Jindong to 2/3 of the shares to pledge, as long as the stock price Suning hit 4 yuan, is likely to cause a lot of trust in selling shares fell, and then reach its hostile takeover purpose". From the price war, a war of capital supremacy. The price war is still in progress.

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two, 360 web search low-key bright independent search technology


360 web search page screenshot

August 16th 360 pages of the search page (so.360.cn) low-key debut, the page is very simple and refreshing, no search results >

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