Love DNS net analytical fault site can not normally access

Love DNS net analytical fault site can not normally access

webmaster network November 10th news, netizens to Admin5 webmaster network to reflect the comprehensive domestic domain name service portal net official website love lasted nearly 20 hours to visit, cannot be resolved in most of the domain name registration of the net love, can not access the site.


webmaster and then contact the net love, love tennis officials revealed to the station network, the official website of DNS due to parsing errors, resulting in the official website and users of the site can not normally access in November 10th, around 9 in the morning has returned to normal, some areas are still unable to access the cache may be dns.

webmaster subsequently interviewed several net users love the party according to the said has not yet returned to normal access, great influence on the flow of the user site, I hope as soon as possible.

on the net love

is the name of love love net Hangzhou Network Limited (electricity supplier group ebeGroup member enterprise) with internet service brand. "Love the name" the earliest by the first business and domain name investors cooperation founded in May 2008, after the trial operation, 1 and a half years of September 9, 2009, love tennis team in Hangzhou formally established an independent operating company.

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