Penguin empire’s ferocious pace of investment acquisitions starting from the game

Penguin empire’s ferocious pace of investment acquisitions starting from the game

do not know do not know, a look scared! In recent years, Tencent’s investment activities can be described as high profile and frequent. See the previous investment Tencent, the acquisition of List, there are Chinese Internet "big brother"


began to force in 10s, the acquisition of investment from the field of games began

Tencent’s acquisition of investment from 2010 began to force. Before 2010, Tencent to invest in the acquisition of less action, under the table also lists the main 10 years after the operation of capital (the Tencent internal investment person, the number of companies they invested more than 200, according to this, this table is only out of the 30%). According to media reports, Tencent in the previous 10 years of mergers and acquisitions before the number of more than 30.

Tencent’s strategic layout and smell first class. From the investment structure can be seen, Tencent’s sense of smell is very sensitive to the industry. In his first game on the basis of the layout at every step, from domestic to overseas, from the end of the tour, Webpage Game to social games, there is penetration, and every shot is big.

got a foothold in the game, the next step is to start at the level of the electric knife, the direction is very clear: only in the vertical field of investment in the top two. Although the same electricity supplier in the quagmire of depression is not shallow, but compared to the blood type of integrated electricity supplier, the bullet is not false or penguin.

penguins in 2013 was more active and ferocious, focusing on the WeChat ecosystem

Tencent continued in 2012 the situation in 2013 Investment and acquisitions, is still very active, mobile Internet around the WeChat investment and layout; search based software providers to acquire active overseas investment and international strategy.

mobile Internet, Tencent, such as O2O continued layout, including heavily invested didi taxi, etc..

game field, mainly to explore the WeChat game platform, investment or holding third party games.

search and security based service providers, $36.5% acquisition of 448 million stake in Sogou, in the search field, Qihoo 360 and Baidu security services, a situation of tripartite confrontation; Tencent continue to inject $46 million 980 thousand, Jinshan network, currently holds 18% of the shares, is the second largest shareholder after kingsoft.

financial, Tencent in 2013 were also deployed, including the establishment of a joint venture Alibaba and Ping, zhong an online investment strategy; good buy wealth, peer-to-peer lending; in addition, the overseas investment of financial website Watsi to raise the public.

overseas investment, and overseas investment fund cooperation, investment led or investments in many companies, including a $150 million investment in flash sales site; $60 million to invest in burn after reading application Snapchat; some early investments in emerging companies, cloud computing company Loom.

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