Daily topic 24 off the bill to buy a medium-sized website

Daily topic 24 off the bill to buy a medium-sized website

into the investment side of the contradiction with the founder of the vortex buy site 24 coupons in the past nearly 5 months after the war of words, in the evening of January 10, 2013 officially closed. At present, the 24 coupon website address is not found server.

24 coupons operating crisis broke out in September last year. At that time 24 coupons CEO Du Yinan and investors and investors on behalf of KK’s e-mail was exposed. Both sides accused each other of the intention to withdraw cash in the mail. At that time, Du Yi unilaterally waive the terms of investment in the company’s working group.

October, the two sides once again caught in the conflict intensified. 24 aspects of the provisions of the securities and other aspects of the investment side of the company accused of unauthorized withdrawal of $2 million 400 thousand, decided to put pressure on investors to stop the way.

24 coupons from its inception won the six round of financing, investors including the United States, Vico Dinghui venture, VOV KK, on behalf of the investor refers to individual investors in Malaysia Kenneth Chang. 24 round of the total amount of $six bond financing $50 million.

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24 coupons fall just buy the industry is increasingly a microcosm of embarrassment, since the first quarter of 2012, China’s network group buying industry increasingly intensified. In addition to a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises group purchase closures, some well-known group purchase website also unbearable financial pressure, exposed scandals. Groupon, 24 coupons, group purchase site Gaopeng independent forced layoffs, withdrawal group, 58 group purchase station; catch such classified information website under the group purchase platform is also facing the business problem. Faced with the hot field of network buying complaints, where to go from the middle buy site


at the beginning of 2012, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "on the strengthening of the network group purchase operations management advice", to regulate the network group purchase market order, maintain the legitimate interests of consumers and operators. "Opinions" on enterprises to credit management of the group purchase at the same time, also for overdue refunds were further standardized, clearly defined group purchase website may not set refundable advances overdue spending, or only limited amounts returned to the website account restrictions. However, in the implementation process, many buy site is not strictly in accordance with the provisions of the refund.

through the first quarter of the network to buy the industry dynamic monitoring, China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Wu Xuefei on the next quarter of the network to buy the industry trends made a prediction:

trend 1: buy site number >

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