Chinese style public chips in the future to seize the opportunity of internationalization

Chinese style public chips in the future to seize the opportunity of internationalization

NetEase science and technology news May 23rd news, yesterday, China net letter financial group and its congregation to raise the network, the original platform will jointly launched the first global congregation to raise the summit held in Beijing. Some people in charge of the congregation to raise the public to share their experience, and suggested that the Chinese industry to seize the opportunity to raise the international market.

according to the World Bank forecast that in 2025 the global market size will reach $300 billion, the Chinese market will account for $50 billion. In China, the congregation raised a number of networks and other sites to raise the rapid development of all the chips have become an important area of Internet banking.

however, compared to the balance of treasure and other baby legion, as well as in the limelight P2P net loan, the Internet Financial wave third – all the chips in the domestic development is still relatively small.

called the congregation to raise, that is, for the public to raise funds, so that the large number of groups instead of banks and other institutions to become the source of funds. In the eyes of some researchers, the public to raise the ability to subvert the financing, but when this ability can become a reality, the focus of discussion yesterday summit.

letter financial network CEO Sheng Jia said, in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee proposed the financial inclusion of the target, and all the chips are born with such characteristics, we hope to help raise public more young people realize their dreams, but the current domestic industry to raise public development is still facing various challenges. "Why look similar projects in foreign countries, it seems easy to be able to raise a lot of money, but also to raise public abroad number of operations of the platform itself is less than domestic?" Jia Sheng said: "perhaps that do all the chips there is great room for improvement in Chinese."

raise public network COO Sun Hongsheng said that such a big market how to eat, the key is to see you get the public to raise the platform user experience to do so extreme, the platform from the perspective of the user experience, in fact, from perfect "and ten years gap". He also said that all the chips industry needs a good ecological chain, which not only includes many of the congregation raised platform, including the production and supply chain, horizontal sales, promotion, only the entire ecological chain is built, the market space will be greater.

yesterday’s summit, there have been a number of foreign congregation to raise the founder of the platform, including the United States to raise the site Fundly CEO Dennis Hu, founder of the Australian Rick Chen, Israel OurCrowd partner Denes Ban. In their view, the development of the industry to raise the public, we should actively grasp the opportunity of internationalization.

Rick Chen is the co-founder of Australia, the largest congregation raised platform Pozible he said, Chinese has a huge population base, is the best place to raise industry development, Pozible’s office in Shanghai has just been established, it is hoped to open up the market to raise the public China. More importantly, China level of world class manufacturing, Chinese young Australians more than the spirit of hard work, which makes the hardware Chinese >

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