These fabulously rich technology companies inventory

These fabulously rich technology companies inventory

One year spent similar


value of each year is good!

good! What enterprises still Hengda, which enterprises constantly shrinking? What horse soar

?A few large enterprises

the Internet, what’s the change of Liangshan


NO· 1 apple

according to foreign media statistics, Apple’s share price in February 2015 set a record high of $133 before closing. Apple’s share price hit a record high of $134.54 in 2015.

this makes Apple’s market capitalization of about $700 billion, compared with Google’s parent company ranked second higher than $120 billion Alphabet. Previously, Alphabet has also challenged Apple’s top position.

better than expected iPhone sales, expectations for the next generation of iPhone, etc., are helping to promote the company’s share price has risen steadily in recent weeks.

NO· 2 Alphabet (Google parent company)

Google parent company Alphabet on January 28, 2017 released the company’s fourth quarter earnings in 2016. Reported that Alphabet fourth quarter revenue of $26 billion 64 million, an increase of 22%; net profit of $5 billion 333 million, an increase of 8.3%.

August 10, 2015, Google announced that it will be reorganized as a new holding company Alphabet, and the use of the new operating framework. October 2, 2015, Google announced the implementation of the restructuring of the holding company, Alphabet has become the successor of Google. From the first quarter of 2016, Alphabet earnings are divided into two parts of Google and other businesses. Google includes Internet and related services, hardware products and virtual reality products. Google Internet and related businesses including search, advertising, maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, Google Play, Google hardware products include Chromecast, Chromebook notebook and Nexus phones. "Other business investment" involves the Alphabet, including Access and Energy, Calico biotech company, intelligent Home Furnishing company Nest, Life science companies Verily, Google Ventures, Google Capital (VC) and Google X (fund).

current Alphabet market capitalization of about $581 billion 100 million.

NO· 3 Microsoft

Beijing time on January 27th morning, Microsoft released the 2017 fiscal second quarter earnings. The report shows that Microsoft’s second quarter revenue.

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