Net letter do interviews with NetEase there are serious problems such as orientation and spread rumo

Net letter do interviews with NetEase there are serious problems such as orientation and spread rumo

net letter do interviews: there is

serious NetEase orientation and dissemination of pornographic and rumors and other issues

February 2nd, the person in charge of the state Internet Information Office of the Business Council and the Beijing Internet Information Office, found 2014 Internet news information service units inspection issues, interviewed the NetEase responsible person.

National Internet Information Office, the relevant business bureau official pointed out that in the process of Internet news information services, there is a serious problem oriented NetEase, and the existence of illegal reprint news information, dissemination of pornographic information, spread rumors and other issues. Require NetEase in accordance with the Internet information service management approach, the Internet news information service management regulations for rectification, strengthen internal management. If the rectification does not meet the requirements, or continue to appear during the rectification of illegal behavior, will be severely punished according to law; the circumstances are serious, will stop its Internet news information services. NetEase company official said, will attach great importance to the existing problems, and effectively take effective measures for rectification, actively spread positive energy, strictly in accordance with the law to provide news and information services.

recently, aiming at the problems found in the inspection, the Beijing Internet Information Office also has interviewed Sina, Sohu, Baidu, and the person in charge, every day online, informed of the problems to it, and ordered it to strengthen the responsibility system, to take comprehensive and effective corrective measures.

with the rapid development of the Internet, including the portal, including the growing network of media, for the vast number of Internet users to provide a wealth of convenient information services. But at the same time, some sites for commercial interests, not strict audit, from time to time to spread pornographic information, vulgar information and other illegal and harmful information, and other illegal acts, blackmail and impose exactions on rumors pass rumors continue to emerge, destruction of the normal network communication order, but also violated the public interests. The masses of these violations continue to report hate.

National Internet Information Office Business Bureau relevant responsible person stressed, should insist on serving the people and socialism in the direction of Internet news information services, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, safeguarding national interests and public interests, strictly carry out service, actively spread positive energy, effectively assume the social responsibility of the media network.

National Internet Information Office, the relevant business bureau responsible person said that the news portal is the focus of recent governance, users are welcome to Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, and Phoenix site supervision report. Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center address is:, report Tel: 12377, report mailbox: [email protected]

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