Large flow station to sell and buy a lot of information

Large flow station to sell and buy a lot of information

2~3 million flow of non mainstream site to sell. Baidu weight good.             

;     58 thousand transfer

just wanted to ask about the website address or read statistics don’t disturb. This is a waste of time. Do you interested in trying to do. Your traffic will be due to your efforts. Do not need to refer to other website.

to buy a batch of mobile phone site. Including forum mobile theme class site   five thousand IP above the purchase of          

;   3-5

buy a batch of novel station literature site. Ten thousand IP start buying.                             

;               5-10

buy a number of non mainstream station, QQ station, etc. the flow of the site. Ten thousand IP starting.                 ;

buy a batch of can make money. Have flow. Not illegal site. Take over easy to operate. No dangerous site       3

if you need to sell or buy the station. You can contact me and Jack. We will take a variety of channels more widely advertised. Convenient trading

increase speed.

my QQ is:     237965952                cell phone is 13760003231

street QQ is: 281792208                 


more delegation information:           

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