Daily topic Youku potatoes four years tired loss of 1 billion 770 million video site advertising ear

Daily topic Youku potatoes four years tired loss of 1 billion 770 million video site advertising ear

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 24th news, video has been considered a burn of the industry, I saw a lot of a lot of money but not necessarily the money back. If a video website that is really not easy if earnings, the fourth quarter of last year Youku potatoes had claimed to have achieved profitability. But that is only the first quarter of this year, the past two quarters have continued to lose. As of June this year, excellent soil accumulated losses of 1 billion 771 million yuan.

video industry analyst, said: the video industry in the future for a long time will continue to lose money, at least 3 years to achieve profitability. At present, the most important thing is to invest in large-scale access to the number of users."

2013, the industry there were two consecutive large-scale mergers and acquisitions, after 1 years of negotiations, Baidu to $370 million acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi and PPS merger, Suning joint Hony capital to $420 million strategic investment PPTV. However, on Youku potatoes was look at fiercely as a tiger does "Tencent, Alibaba for $1 billion 220 million acquisition.

in the embrace of Ali, for excellent soil, not only get the funds, but also access to other resources Ali support. Excellent soil transition strategy of "multi screen ecosystem" to spread. However, the reality is cruel, the loss continues. In the view of more people in the industry, the fundamental problem is that it relies on excellent soil advertising business model can not achieve profitability. Of course, the video site is not only excellent soil loss, Tencent, Baidu’s website is also a loss.

can be said that the video site competition is unusually intense, for a video site, to attract advertising, we must have traffic, and to have the traffic must have high quality content. Today, a set of TV network copyright has reached 2 million yuan, while the Tencent video to buy China good voice in the third quarter of the copyright, spent $200 million. So in the royalties rise at the same time, the major video sites have made the road to.

"Running Man" Youku and South Korea to create a joint team of interactive outdoor reality show "the male god goddess", at the end of a new set of launch can reach tens of millions more airplay, homemade network drama never thought "" the first quarter of the cumulative amount of playing nearly 800 million, outdoor reality show companion "has reverse output" to CCTV.

with the regulatory authorities for the introduction of drama network drama, strengthen management, the development of video websites is at every step, or to find profitable node


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