You are not afraid of Yue slow, afraid station, station will have to rely on hard work!

You are not afraid of Yue slow, afraid station, station will have to rely on hard work!

      Yue: not afraid of slow, afraid of your station, station will have to rely on hard work!

      the more busy the spirit, the more sleep the more sleepy, this estimate we should have a deep understanding, one to sleep on the weekend, the more sleep the less time to sleep. But in the website, many people did not understand. No more traffic is more anxious, the more anxious the busy not more traffic, and some traffic rushing station, many webmaster always ask, how to improve the flow, how to make money? But the webmaster have never thought, how to service for Internet users? How to consider the Internet users? How to give users convenient, so that they get benefits? In fact, it is not difficult to do a stand, do traffic is not difficult, it is difficult to do a good product, and has been insisting on.

      Ma Yun’s words: "short passion is not valuable, only lasting passion is to make money," I told Ma Yun this sentence do appreciate, is actually the same, for example, had numerous short graph king of passion, a large group of small website everyone has a little traffic, add up to a lot of traffic, but now no, short of passion, is not valuable, but now in the Admin5, can be said to be a lasting passion, for the convenience of individual owners, for individual owners in sake, provide convenience for personal webmaster, so flow naturally slowly up, at the same time, cnBeta, media and netizen speech platform, such a platform is small, very humble, very humble, estimated that many people do not know, they silently worked for 3 years, 3 years Time, insist on, always in the effort, now ranked 6000 in the world around, has been in the circle to provide some first-hand information, but also continue to make a stand, really is not afraid to slow, stop fear, as long as you continue to work in this direction, it will certainly be successful one day.

      in fact, I am the same, toss for a long time, has not done a decent site, passion is there, but it is short. In fact, many owners also estimated all this, really can persist, so basically do, have a decent station, like in the early days, the passion is very good, can be seen everywhere can see advertisements propaganda. Later, the 51 slowly low-key, 51 now has basically not see them, all go silently do go, 9991’s, duote and so on to provide convenience for the users, the past 9991 slowly forgotten, no advertising model Dortmund was slowly people trust 51, too too fancy, maybe I keep up with the trend, not accustomed to, but from the QQ MM profile can be seen on the 51, the coverage is indeed a lot, their passion continues, but is silent on the job, 51 will be more and more frightening, more and more powerful.


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