Confiscation of a penny of soft Wen promotion plan

Confiscation of a penny of soft Wen promotion plan

a, promote the theme: GPS products China North Industries Group Corporation

Objective: through the promotion of

two, in China transportation news, intelligent transportation, China logistics network of professional media, product promotion, to improve the visibility of China North Industries Group Corporation in the industry, to promote the company’s GPS product sales, is expected to average daily sales growth of more than 10% in the promotion period


three, promotional objects: automotive industry, shipbuilding industry and the need for personal

four, the promotion of media: China Communications, intelligent transportation, China logistics network and other professional media

five, promotion time: 2008.06.05-2008.09.05

six, promotion ideas: 1 industry solutions. 2 business related dynamic news. 3. New release. 4. User interview. 5 product features introduction. 6 product demonstration mainly to the "enterprise – Product – service" as the theme of the launch, the main products and services of these two, while emphasizing the company’s outstanding cultural heritage and attention to the concept of talent.

seven, promotion stage: mainly for the following stages

initial stage: the first use of the company and the earthquake related content, the company cited (a); then write the company’s introduction, to understand the company’s culture, products (a general introduction);

followed by an introduction to the GPS and the vehicle industry, the GPS and the shipping industry, GPS’s close relationship with individuals (three articles).

development phase: the overall characteristics of the company to write articles GPS, superior to other products (a). Write a few stories of employees and the company, the company is how to treat their employees and employees are

how hard to work back to the company, it is because of such employees, to produce such a good product. (according to the actual need to write a few)

mature stage: the main products and services, you can write the company’s after-sales service, as well as the selection of agents, requirements and other aspects of the company reflects the characteristics of services. (quantity according to actual needs)

closure phase: the development of GPS in the new century.

note: the above content will be based on the promotion of the market to make the appropriate adjustments.

ps: I looked at the start, I think from the industry applications such as: I press to the traffic management system, traffic department leadership to the achievements, he built the GPS monitoring center management what good for his social vehicles, what purpose, I want to start from this aspect, also in other industries. The professional, then send a research center of enterprises in terms of content, plus some news reports about the research center of.

this article to help others to write, and later did not receive a penny, the mood is not >

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