Eight core advantages of hand-painted video marketing

Eight core advantages of hand-painted video marketing


hand-painted video, is the use of real hands and pens to text, pictures and other elements to make a video animation presented to the audience, while the integration of sound and music, he is a unique form of video. Is a new type of video marketing tools, personal summary of his eight core strengths in the marketing process, to share with you.

advantage: a full range of sensory stimuli to stimulate the audience

hand-painted video using a software that will be able to achieve the effect of a hand-painted scene. And the hand in front of the background, also can be in the background, can let him in pencil, pen, ball pen freely, can hand eraser, can also make a small animal graffiti in the background, like a real hand painting scene, mutual movement is very strong, full of stimulating the senses. Whether it is the virtual hand video products, or physical products, in the process of marketing, the use of this form of hand-painted, novel and unique, creative display of products, shorten the process of consumer trust, to accelerate the speed of consumers.

advantage two, the production process is easy to learn

currently popular several hand-painted video software, such as Videoscribe, the interface is simple, the operation of the fool, through a few simple commands can reach a hand in front of you to write and draw. At the same time the understanding of the software and skilled, basically spent one or two days on it, the other time is the script creation, pictures and sound material search.

advantage three: video content is very professional

text, you can use handwritten Chinese characters, so that hand-painted effect is more realistic; picture, through the SVG picture format, people feel is a zero distance in front of you to complete a sketch or hand-painted. The operator does not need to be able to draw, with the software will be able to directly convert the effect of hand-painted pictures. The combination of these two aspects of text and pictures makes people feel a sense of story, very professional, very creative, without hesitation to collect and reprint.

advantage four: master technology less

Because the

understanding of this technology is less, even if the hand-painted video, also could not find the production of hand-painted video software, people now have scanty hand-painted video technology to the competitiveness of small. The creation of hand-painted video is far less than the cost of other forms of video production, for video producers, it is easy to pick a single, for the promotion of products in terms of, spend a little money to video production outsourcing.

advantage five: can involve many fields

For example,

now is the fire of knowledge is to use cold cold uncle video hand video manner; as you can from the media to do a promotional video for you; for example specifically for your product features to make a introduction of type of hand drawn animation; you can also get a minute early hand drawn; video recording the growth of children and so on. In short, small to individual enthusiasts, large corporate publicity, hand-painted video >

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