nternet Co opened a clinic in the doctor is how to experience

nternet Co opened a clinic in the doctor is how to experience

this is a community doctor DXY to open the clinic, but it is a clinic.

opened in January this year, clove clinic in Hangzhou, a high-end residential district. From the outside look, the first line of the doctor out of the online community clinics DXY and ordinary community clinics not what difference.

"offline clinic" sounds like an unnecessary word. Whether public or private hospitals, community clinics of hospital, they are in different corners of the city exists in the form of a brick.

earlier in an interview with the daily "curiosity", Zhang Jin said the quality of CEO, the medical institutions nature eventually got the license on the "integrated outpatient department", strictly speaking, private hospitals and private medical institutions, and those without what difference.

I was ready to go to Hangzhou and "Lilac doctor" public, editorial team talk, before the departure of the night felt chest discomfort, so I decided to open the clinic DXY line.


lilac clinic exterior photos (Figure / Ding Xiangyuan)

is the basic process of appointment, the hospital will not crowded

more than 10 in the morning to reach the clinic, the first person to greet me with a iPad receptionist. Reception area on the sofa with a two-dimensional code printed on the table, the receptionist told me that in the clinic need to make an appointment, please use the first scan code to make an appointment with me, leaving a preliminary information on.


first appointment in the lilac clinic, online doctor signed consent form, fill in the name, age, condition description and other information, if there is trauma, pain, pictures can also be uploaded.


appointment with WeChat

receptionist told me that because of my registration department doctor in admissions, the earliest I can make an appointment to the afternoon time.

, we generally recommend that patients make an appointment in advance, even in the way to make an appointment with WeChat, you do not have to come and so on." The receptionist said.


indoor measurement equipment

to the appointment time ten minutes ago, a horse nurse found me, took me to the consulting room. Different from the past in the public hospital triage desk, lilac clinic triage room has three sets of different blood pressure, heart rate and other basic measurement equipment.


first came to the clinic, the nurse asked in detail about the past history and family history, she told me that this is in order to give me in the clinic to build a health record, next time if you come back, the doctor will have a basic understanding.

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