O2O used car electricity supplier market melee players on the line

O2O used car electricity supplier market melee players on the line

in O2O mode under the advocacy of classified information, electricity providers, automotive media platform will reach the second-hand car business. The current into the field of the company very much, to BAT, to start startups, a situation of contention of a hundred schools of thought in the spring and autumn period.

from the beginning of last year, the capital for the second-hand car business as possessed, the car comfortably, the car is easy to shoot, all cars used car trading platforms have access to the capital of the pro gaze, it is because of the intervention of the capital, the second-hand car trading platform became shanghaicaida qicu, in a field of capital promote the second-hand car business reign of terror that started the melee.

classification information website, for a slice of

the second half of 2014, the two major domestic classifieds site 58 city and Ganji have announced the development of second-hand car key. And in January of this year, the domestic another classified information website people’s network also announced D round of financing $100 million, the investment will be mainly used for people’s network of second-hand car business. The website for classified information, they urgently need a new profit model to expand their market, just as the 58 city, both into the same group purchase. As an information service platform, they still have some advantages.

first, a large number of individual owners, dealers will want to publish their own information through the sale of second-hand car 58 city and Ganji, people network, before the classified information website in the second-hand car trading has accumulated a certain user base.


, for the classification of information sites, traffic is a clear advantage compared with their pure used car trading platform. With the help of other information services provided by the classified information website, it can also be used as a guide for used car transactions.

third, due to the second-hand car trading is more suitable for O2O mode, the classification of information on the site itself has to provide information on the line, the line trading mode will occupy a considerable advantage.

, however, although the classification of information on the site of the used car O2O has some advantages, but for them to be able to do a good job in the second-hand car trading, Liu Kuang still feel some concern.

worry about a: second-hand car trading is not simply to provide information on the ground line, the line to complete the transaction, there is a very important part of the second hand car evaluation. This information for the classification of the site, although they will provide assessment monitoring, but after all, is not their expertise, customers can see more clearly the intrinsic problem of second-hand car is indeed a bit of concern.

worry two: classification information website is to help customers choose to the car, but the after-sales service for the used car is more important. Finally bought a second-hand car, can run far how long is also a place where customers are very worried about.

worries three: second-hand vehicle information classification information website is too large, mostly advertising information distributors, give people a feeling of dragons and fishes jumbled together people’s trust, let > discount

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