Baidu media platform from the hundreds of claims can be directed advertising

Baidu media platform from the hundreds of claims can be directed advertising

[introduction] from the current perspective, since the media is still the main platform of WeChat public account, Baidu 100 can change this situation is worth a look.


, vice president of Baidu Zhu Guang in the Baidu 100 site (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) December 14th news, Baidu’s media platform from Baidu hundreds of on-line today, Baidu invited columnist for the production of high quality content, that can be recommended, and the income generated.



100 advertising claims all returned to the author (Tencent technology plan)

The author of

articles published in hundreds of Baidu, Baidu will flow into, and Baidu alliance advertisers and brand customers into the page, claimed that advertising quality reference standard portal, advertising revenue generated by the 100% return to the author. Baidu will also introduce a hundred brand advertising, including targeted delivery, to determine the launch of a particular author, investment in the field.

According to Baidu

100, the author can get settled Baidu news page recommendation, have access to Baidu search and Baidu encyclopedia show, and Baidu wireless flow, can also get micro-blog recommended text links to 100.

The current

articles from the media more through WeChat open platform communication, and share in the circle of friends, Baidu hopes to change this situation, so that the contents of the self circulation has been further upgraded, traditional media may be settled to institutional identity.

note that Baidu is a market Tencent, after be long in coming, Sohu, 360, NetEase has launched from the media platform. In July this year, the NetEase announced open platform cloud reading from the media entrance line, in addition to the media open pay to read, also for people from the media open on-line advertising sales system, and to provide the advertisement insert mode.

2013 Tencent Partner Conference, Tencent announced the "media boutique hundred talents, can be obtained from the media into the news client, including, mobile phone QQ, WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and QQ, the browser space resources to support the promotion of.

Prior to

, 360 of its own media encyclopedia page has also been on the line, the integration of micro-blog WeChat public account. 360 since the media encyclopedia channel claims to include thousands of sina micro-blog and Tencent WeChat platform from the media and large.

but from the current point of view, since the media is still the main platform of WeChat public accounts, Baidu hundred can change this situation is worth observing.

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