Panda burning incense manufacturers ahead of a year out of jail by the well-known T company invited

Panda burning incense manufacturers ahead of a year out of jail by the well-known T company invited

Li Junceng commissioned this newspaper to help them find a job, there are well-known IT companies invited to join

On the afternoon of 24

, jailed for 4 years "panda virus maker Li Jun, released in advance, he commuted more than a year. In the 5 months before Li Jun was released from prison, there are well-known IT companies, issued an invitation through the newspaper, I hope to join the company in the company of Li Jun.

yesterday afternoon, Li Jun out of prison for 3 years. The first thing he wants to do is take a bath. He did not have his own phone, the reporter through his friends to find him, he was buying clothes and socks. In prison, "Panda" another maker, Li Jun’s friend and classmate Lei Lei, has been waiting for Li Jun to come home. Originally, Li Jun was sentenced to 4 years in prison, because of good performance, more than a year of commutation. Last night, when a reporter contacted his mother, she has learned that his son was released from prison, the conversation is very happy, she said, thanks to the media attention to Li Jun."

2005, Li Junyuan went to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, looking for a company network administrator positions. However, he throws a lot of resume no echo on the internet. Two months later, Li Jun chose to return to Wuhan. In August 2006, Li Jun felt the class was too boring and he decided to drop out. After dropping out of school, he hid in the rented room every day to play computer. A month later, he was out of fun, began to write "Panda" virus.

year in September to January 2007, Li Jun et al manufacturing shocked the nation "Panda" virus, eventually jailed. In June this year, is still serving Li Jun, was commissioned by the newspaper to help find their work, he hopes to work in network, tend to maintain the network security, he was self recommendation, "I windows virus technology very understanding, good at of virus attack protection and anti tracking.".

in July 20th of this year, the newspaper launched a panda burning incense maker Li Jun large return report, causing the attention of the national Internet users. Some of the well-known IT company, headhunting company, and some small IT, IT School of education, Li Junjun showed a keen interest in, and have a phone call to the newspaper, to invite Li Jun to join.

this, Li Jun personally has not yet responded. He said the work needs to go home and then consider. The day before, the reporter has all the relevant information will be conveyed to Li Jun.

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