Exclusive analysis of 52 cloud domain name apple, Tencent why so keen

Exclusive analysis of 52 cloud domain name apple, Tencent why so keen

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) news August 14th, the rapid development of cloud technology, led to the "cloud" domain name value soared, "26 letter" +cloud "and" 26 letter "+yun" domain name has been registered in a cloud free, apple, Tencent, Jingdong and other famous enterprises is the acquisition of money associated with the brand of "cloud the domain name", then such a single letter "cloud" domain name value is reflected in where? Why will cause the attention of investors and the terminal domain name


figure: "26 letter +cloud" cloud domain name status

"26 letter +cloud".COM domain name: global only 26

26 "single letter" +cloud "cloud domain, 12 are registered in 2005 during the -2008 years, nearly half the number of the total, worth mentioning is the combination of the domain name fcloud.com, ucloud.com and xcloud.com will be in the next month expired, the holder should be vigilant, in addition, when the deadline for a total of 12 cloud domain the station is enabled.

was registered in 2000 in the "cloud" boutique word domain name cloud.com, is not the earliest registered "cloud domain", the combination of domain name letter i+ word cloud icloud.com early in 1999 has been registered, Apple was later invested $4 million 500 thousand, is now the official apple iCloud platform. It is understood that Apple also acquired the.Org domain name icloud.org, and protect the registration of multiple iCloud related domain name. Apple chose the letter I, or associated with its products, such as iphone/ipad/ipod/imac are beginning with I.


domain name jcloud.com "cloud" by the Jingdong after the acquisition has enabled the launch of JOS Jingdong open service platform version of the test, after being used to build the Jingdong business cloud platform, the platform has launched a Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong Zeus Yun Ding Qing, Jingdong cloud cloud sinks four solutions.

Tencent has been in the overseas domain name market price of 250 thousand yuan to buy the domain name qcloud.com, after the establishment of the domain name to build Tencent cloud platform. In addition, the only network has been broke the price of 6 digits, the acquisition of cloud domain name wcloud.com, is currently visiting the domain name to jump to the only network official website wy.com.cn.

currently access the domain name acloud.com to jump directly to igetui.com, the website for the cloud push solution, the domain name mcloud.com jump to realestatecatalog.com, as the weather forecast platform, while the domain name hcloud.com is currently building a station.

cloud storage platform (pcloud.com), Amazon application technology platform (vcloud.com), iPhone>

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