Line China, reoccurrence predicament failure linked to the official domain name!

Line China, reoccurrence predicament failure linked to the official domain name!

renamed China ( July 2nd hearing, it is reported that as early as December 2012 officially landed Chinese Line "my" last night encounter access failure, part China, users can’t transfer, mobile phone version of the message cannot be read news etc.. In this regard, Line official Bo announced that the company is doing its utmost to fix the problem. Up to now, the fault has not been repaired, Line official website also can not visit.


figure: Line micro-blog information

it is understood that the mobile instant messaging software LINE, was officially launched in June 2011, but more than 400 million registered users worldwide, WhatsApp and WeChat’s competitors. For China’s huge market coveted long Line, in 2012 to enter China, the Chinese version of the official website to enable me even the domain name And in April of this year, to reach a cooperation with pea pods, which will be responsible for providing services and operations in the mainland of China LINE promotion, the company had earlier rumored acquisition of domain name


LINE official fan group

recently, Line has been trapped in China crisis. The first is on the end of the month, discovered in the Taiwan area China large-scale "crash" event, Taiwan 17 million users affected. Each client communication interface can not send information, about 1 hours after the resumption of normal. LINE official fans also publicly apologized, but did not account for the cause of the crash.

and about 9 last night, the same scene staged in mainland china. Currently, Line mainland China massive disconnection over 18 hours, Line official website domain name can not visit. This morning, Line official micro-blog said, now LINE Chinese users have access barriers, we are doing our best to fix the problem." Many netizens said, a quick repair day is not fixed, the efficiency of suck! "Also have a chat, pictures before users began to worry about the preservation and the purchase of the expression will disappear.

at present, LINE and pea pods are still experiencing problems encountered in China’s poor access to users. One of the LINE servers in China is responsible for the maintenance of the pea pods, but the domain name resolution is still responsible for the work of LINE. As small before the deadline, the official did not disclose the cause of the failure, Line still cannot access the official website

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