The dream into reality, immersive experience – Mobile VR

The dream into reality, immersive experience – Mobile VR

2016 Tenth International iCAN innovation competition in VR/AR industry and the first VR/AR Cup match Honggutan innovation contest forum in Nanchang city before the lake Yingbin Hotel held in September 20th. In order to establish a national VR/AR industry benchmark, keeps pace with the international virtual reality technology in the forum, invited many industry experts to discuss, the leader Li Weixing of vice president of Qualcomm Technologies Inc. on behalf of the chip manufacturers, it brings very wonderful speech to the scene of the guests and the audience.

Li Weixing said, "through the development of technology, through the Qualcomm connection technology advanced in the past 30 years, from the mobile phone to the function of intelligent machines, a simple machine, between consumers and each other directly connected. Then go forward, go back 30 years, through our leading position in the connection and computing, we think it is not only to connect to the people, not only through voice, SMS and mobile data, in fact, can be linked to all things, so the next may be booming networking very important period."


Qualcomm believes that in the future, the focus of the development of the VR industry will still be in the mobile industry, there are three main reasons:

one is through the development of smart phones, it provides a synergistic effect, making the entire smart phone market to form a scale;

two is due to a variety of different technologies, in the rapid development of mobile phone above, provides a very fast method to make the design cycle, all kinds of different ideas can be very fast through the mobile phone to show;

three is popular, brings lower costs, and the popularity of platform, allowing even other mobile terminal for VR, can achieve the content, mobile consumer, this is a very important point. Now a lot of content and consumption is also linked to the PC, the content of the mobile for the majority of consumers is very important.

of course, PC control VR mobile terminal is certainly the first step in the development of VR, there are two possibilities to go back to achieve synchronization. One is a smart phone, in a cheap and fast way to bring the VR experience; more importantly, independent helmet type equipment, because through the independent head wearing VR devices, the so-called economies of scale can be presented.

The development of

VR industry can get different experiences through different devices, but there are two problems that need to be solved together, power consumption and heat dissipation effect. For power consumption, how to properly handle the heat, in fact, this is the Qualcomm in the development process, put a lot of power. And ordinary people in the use of head mounted VR devices are very heavy and very ugly, if the design can achieve very lightweight and stylish, require a high demand for power consumption and heat dissipation, with the intelligent mobile phone.

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