Thousands of merchants electrical appliance fund-raising still variable

Thousands of merchants electrical appliance fund-raising still variable

electricity supplier industry dark horse, officially opened the expansion and upgrading of the road.

July 5th, held "open platform strategy and 2012 issued by the supplier conference in Nanjing, will officially launch its open platform strategy. executive vice president Li Bin said, the company’s open platform has the full open platform, the whole category of construction, the whole network share three characteristics, settled for the supplier, is also the first implementation of the "free annual fee free platform fee, free margin" of the "three free" policy.

behind many free policy, is in urgent need of expansion to achieve the annual target pressure. According to Suning Appliance standard planning, to achieve annual sales of 30 billion yuan in 2012 to achieve annual sales of 20 billion yuan at the end. The newspaper reporter, completed the first half sales of about 6 billion yuan.

vice chairman of Suning Appliance Sun Weimin said, "we make annual sales target, according to the online sales volume and actually made, this year will not open platform in the sales amount of the contribution is too high, can reach 15% of the total annual sales have been very good."

for the completion of the annual target expectations, CEO Ren Jun said, "in the first quarter, we force is a bit late, but as we expected, the fourth quarter of this year, we will achieve the average daily sales of 100 million yuan level, so to achieve our goal at the end not a problem".

thousands of suppliers participating

Suning’s open platform strategy, planning for a long time.

Sun Weimin introduction, since 2008, opening up into the electricity supplier development trend, whether it is the interaction of information technology development, resource sharing and opening up has become a concept of the Internet industry to follow. This open situation in accelerating the use of their resources, but also to promote the development of the industry.

in April this year, Suning put forward the development strategy of super electrical appliances, Suning seems to open flat

The release of the

platform strategy is its de electric booster. Sun Weimin said, "the convening of the supplier conference, is a witness to the release of an open platform strategy, two is expected to reach a cooperation with non electrical suppliers more, to accelerate the process of Suning Appliance to go."

Li Bin said that the open platform since the date of birth is different from other business platform, homeopathic echo national related requirements of the retail industry, the retail nature of the return and put forward the "three free" policy, namely "free annual fee free platform fee, free deposit", these fees are usually the profit model of other electricity providers open platform, mainly through the sales rebate, warehousing and logistics service profit.

according to the statistics of, Open Platform Strategy Conference on the same day, a total of nearly 3000 suppliers registration >

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