Art trading platform, ancient art was 13 million Angel round of financing by members of the auction

Art trading platform, ancient art was 13 million Angel round of financing by members of the auction

November 22nd news, art Internet auction trading platform, ancient art recently announced an investment of 13 million Angel round, and has all been credited, the specific investor did not disclose. Company founder Chen Lelei said that this round of financing will be mainly used for the layout of ancient art in the art of ecological technology development, develop more and more art categories, from the business field of art auction, to expand the art trading line auction, art salon, art scene, O2O service.

is the ancient art of Internet business platform with a focus on art auction transactions, founded in 2014, founder Chen Lelei graduated from Xiamen University, master of Medicine degree achieved early, when the eye doctor, then cross into the art industry, and the creation of the "ancient art".

ancient art since the Internet auction in May 2014, has conducted nearly 2000 auctions, the average conversion rate of more than 80% per transaction. Ancient art created a unique member of the ancient art auction, has more than 10 members through the certification. Since October 8th this year, the new version of the ancient art APP on the line, the first 3 days turnover of more than 1 million 800 thousand, the conversion rate is a breakthrough of more than 90%.

compared with the traditional art trading rules, the ancient art has three characteristics, no bond auction, the 7 day viewing period, not satisfied can return, do not charge a service commission to the buyers, these are the new challenges to the traditional art auction, founder Chen Lelei believes that the ancient art through new thinking and new technology of the Internet, break the traditional art has no market price, slow flow of art trading pattern embarrassment, improve the art of liquidity and liquidity.

for the future of the cultural market prospects, Chen Lelei, founder of ancient art that will show a geometric level, explosive growth.

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