Lu Songsong SEO depth analysis Book Review

Lu Songsong SEO depth analysis Book Review


blog or playing micro-blog, whenever you have a reputation or good relationship with the author, press will give the author of several books, then the author will be sent to friends, Rui is ruffian. After the SEO depth analysis came out, he also began to SEO circle of friends to send books, in return, a lot of people in the book will be on micro-blog or blog on the sun, there is a period of time on the micro-blog webmaster good single.

This is not

, I also have the honor to receive the author (Pi Zirui) sent to the "SEO" depth analysis of a book, perhaps too wide network of riffraff Rui, press free book to me no, actually receive this book since he sent out of pocket. Moved Xilihuala, this is not, I also in micro-blog, WeChat, sun, and even wrote this article.



As shown in figure

, this book is subtitled: excavate the core of search engine optimization secrets.

1: overall feeling

This paper is about 1

, the title is a little exaggerated, a more than and 500 page book this thick, black Swiss last month to send, how can in just 10 days to read the book? So this is more superficial judgment on the book.

2, for the first time met the author in the "thank you," thanks to dozens of people, thanks to the list of almost a full page, the first impression: the author of good cattle.


two: Book defects

this book consists of 16 chapters, and the webmaster tools, Baidu Webmaster Platform has over two chapters, because this thing is not done every hour and moment tool function updating, and the two chapter introduced the length according to how to use. I thought to myself: this thing has the meaning of the introduction? This is the title of the "SEO depth analysis" runs counter to it, no wonder some people say that the content of the book is not so much, too shallow to write. But with the beginning of "thank you" is clear, the author spent a long (and first section) thanks to Baidu Webmaster Platform, love station, Qiu Song (home owners) staff, clear.

rascal may not want such a simple introduction, so in these two chapters, in addition to a simple introduction or to join their own point of view and examples.

example: the author of the Baidu weight query on the depth of interpretation.


chianz weight query in the first place their estimates of Baidu will bring much traffic to the target site, and then the numerical flow is divided into 0-9 a total of 10 levels (chianz official confirmed that no "10 of the weight of this level). This is not the official Baidu similar to Google PR value of website quality rating, can only be regarded as the evaluation of website the ability to get traffic from Baidu, so called "Baidu flow."

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