Papi sauce advertising, marketing people in the night about what

Papi sauce advertising, marketing people in the night about what

After the

network "Papi red sauce" is two days financing 12 million Shuabing, Ronaldo in this morning (March 21st) announced a stir of old and new media industry cooperation plan:

to do the first "s" China new media world — with reference to the first traditional media "CCTV standard" was born, the auction Papi sauce video ads patch once, and Luo fat for the entire planning of producer service.

Ronaldo said: "this is a chance of a 20 year time."


have to say, Ronaldo is very good at potential connections, the 2006 speech he brushed his new year’s day three days of the screen, this time by Papi sauce planning "great event", it is expected that it will be in a very long period of time to keep their attention, and Luo fat he was holding to load the "China Internet history" look.

In the end

Papi sauce "advertising" first will sell much money? Who will be the final winner in this game? The next "Papi sauce" will appear in the picture of how


these are all we care about…

as a marketing person, we also hope that my content is more people to see, I hope our brand is more people to discuss, planning a marketing campaign to have tens of millions of people to follow the participation. From this point of view, every marketer wants to be or become the next "Papi"".

whether it is the use of the influence of the network red, or create their own influence, it can be predicted that the next we face these challenges, and opportunities.

, will be more and more enterprises with no net red, as well as from the media giant

at the beginning of last November, "Ruili fashion pioneer" announced the closure, had commented: the last bastion of print is compromised. This fat and Papi sauce listed again to "CCTV standard" pull out, to break the barriers of television media.

if it is the first two years, the company is still lucky new media cost-effective, cast a super cost-effective, then in 2016 may not be so good market environment.

Wang Laoji last year to 96 million 500 thousand yuan gains is known as "the first CCTV" "news broadcast" after the combination of the first standard version of Moto Masahito 10 seconds of advertising.


After the first birth of "

" s Chinese new media world, once the Papi ads on CCTV patch competitive (yes), then it will undoubtedly promote the standardization of the market price from the media. The higher the price of the auction, from the media, and the greater the size of the red happy, and business owners who are waiting for your home KOL prices.

two, more traditional media will join the new media sector to carve up the market

traditional media will die, but the traditional media people will only continue to live in a different way. 2014 to 2015 >

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