BBS implementation of the network real name system to resign open new station

BBS implementation of the network real name system to resign open new station

real name system blooming lilac

famous university BBS hit lilac post take real name registration documents, the resignation of all open

new station

earlier this month, Xiamen is considering legislation in the strict sense of the implementation of the network real name system — the background real name registration, the real name posted news. In fact, from June onwards, this has been difficult for everyone to think of the real name system has been very high visibility in the University BBS – Harbin Institute of Technology lilac achieve. Different from the background of the real name system of the University of BBS, lilac is now the real name of the front desk, I need to register with documents to go through, the post will show the name, Department, class.

but in the real name of the lilac website, personal posting is to show the real name, and the Department of the school in lilac post, but the name of the department.

BBS station staff resign open new lilac forum, original lilac by netizens and students called "pseudo station".

1 current status forum for two or three days without a new post

this time, A Lei did not go to the real name after the lilac BBS. He was the station manager. Since the implementation of the real name system, the forum did not have a new post two or three days. He knew that it was not the original lilac, and many believed that the lilacs had died.

June 21st, Harbin University issued a notice to further implement the provisions of the relevant state management network system, lilac BBS perform full name system management, real name system management includes not only the original real name registration, including real name published articles.

according to this notice, the old users need to activate new users to register, need to hold valid Student ID card (card) and identity card, to the school network center to fill in the ID number, phone number, units, departments and other personal information, the authenticity of the audit information network center, jointly activated by the network center and user account, it will take to be able to speak at BBS.

"the lilac is now half-dead state." Gaya, a lilac forum ten user said, now up fewer people, few people speak up.

2 insider false news has led to the forum closed

in lilac users view, several things happened recently in Harbin lilac on BBS let the school forum hit the "focus on the cause".

a student published an article in BBS said that he was robbed, hit the security department people found that the students of the IP address, learned the student said the robbery was fabricated; students said their tutor took 40 graduate students in graduate school edition issued again, find the student through the school IP, but the students refused to recognize him, and his mentor had 40 graduate.

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