This year, the face of profit and loss to buy a bucket the top ten have prepared to profit in 5

This year, the face of profit and loss to buy a bucket the top ten have prepared to profit in 5


buy industry Matthew effect intensified, the site does not play on the earnings. Daily economic news reporter recently learned that the industry’s top ten buy site has been in full swing earnings in the 5. Analysts pointed out that if the Group buy site in the first half of next year has not yet achieved profitability, the industry will be eliminated.

is not profitable this year out of

"we are ready to realize total profit in July and August of this year, tick group CEO Song Zhongjie told reporters his own plans. In fact, Song Zhongjie’s tone was a little conservative. According to the tick group internal staff said, "we have the default time point of profit, that is the big 100 days, to achieve profitability in the two quarter".

in addition to determine the specific time, in order to make the site to achieve the established objectives, staff wages from the tick group structure, performance appraisal, advertising and other aspects are adjusted. Song Zhongjie told reporters, last year the company had to Sina, Google and Baidu search ads, this year the basic stop".

also buy site staff told reporters, the company in order to save costs, requiring departments to receive the cost and daily expenses as much as possible compression, can spend 50 never spend $100".

in fact, the reporter learned that, at present as the tick group profit as the goal this year as many in the group purchase website, 800 group turnover of the top ten websites in the U.S. group, F group, glutinous rice, and have full tick group profit plan on the agenda.

just 300 million U.S. dollars in turnover in March, said the United States, will be profitable by the end of this year". While the full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said, "more than half of January this year has been the company’s profit, goal is to achieve the company’s overall profitability in the two quarter of the year". Shen Boyang, general manager of glutinous rice network also believes that the second half of this year, there will be a profitable website, and sticky rice is likely to be one of them.

for group purchase the first camp sites have the pursuit of profit, Song Zhongjie believes that this is the industry return to rational behavior, this can not just look at the trading volume of heroes, to continue running the kingly way, not only out of profit. In this regard, Feng Xiaohai also said, this year not only to buy the operating efficiency of the competition, but also profit competition".

industry profit after 2013

F group at present from the profit has been very close, but from the entire group purchase group purchase industry, although from the business model is certainly profitable, from the operation situation and market situation of internal also can determine the basic earnings trend, but has yet to gain time." Wen Jingjun, vice president of F group, told reporters: buy the industry’s overall profitability should be completed after the market consolidation, I estimate should be after 2013."

Why does

group purchase websites eager to profit so? Industry sources, after the burn, layoffs and other issues, the current investment of group purchase request is very high, the site must come up with beautiful transcripts will be.

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