Review electricity supplier war now look at the online shopping market

Review electricity supplier war now look at the online shopping market

electricity supplier war has ended, who wins, is not important, many netizens shouted deceived, said this is pure mall and Jingdong staged a double reed, the victim or the US consumers. At the beginning of the electricity supplier war make such heated, has attracted so many consumers, a slogan is the price of station. So, now the online shopping market, what is it? What are the electricity supplier sites in the shopping market to grab it?

a, C2C shopping site, on behalf of the site Taobao, Pat:

1, Taobao: Taobao is the first large-scale shopping website. Taobao was founded in May 2003 by the world’s best B2B Alibaba company invested 450 million yuan, and in a short time to become the largest online shopping website in China, accounting for the mainland’s market share of 80%. In my opinion, Taobao’s success lies in his product range and low price, from the Carrefour supermarket concept (Carrefour was founded in 1959, 1963 created a new form of hypermarkets, Carrefour in 1995, the first Chinese supermarkets). It can be said that Taobao is the first shopping mall.

2, pat Network: Tencent Inc was founded in 1998, the following year in February opened Tencent Inc instant messaging, and in just a few months after the registration of the user to break the million mark. 06 years, Tencent founder pat network. Can pat Network stabilized in Taobao market situation, and seized part of the market, I think, from Tencent Inc’s huge user base, as long as the Tencent Inc QQ users can become pat Network consumers.

two, B2C shopping website, website on behalf of Jingdong, mall, VANCL:

1, Jingdong: Jingdong mall mall was founded in 1998, and in June 2001, to become the most influential in the field of magneto-optical products agents, then get out of hand, become the largest integrated network of retailers Chinese. Jingdong’s success stems from the user experience on quality, price, service, including these three items, there has never been a fake and Jingdong, smuggled goods, logistics is the best, the Jingdong to buy goods in the mall, never freight. Quality and logistics guarantee, cast the success of Jingdong.

2,, Suning Appliance was founded in 1990, and in August 18, 2009, Suning online store on-line trial operation, February 1, 2010, officially launched, soon to become one of the major B2C shopping website. The success of, due to his huge logistics distribution center. Suning in all parts of the country have physical stores, and all physical stores can be used as a logistics distribution center and commodity warehouse, to ensure the adequacy of the goods and distribution.

3, where the customer Eslite products: founded in 2007. VANCL is the only one with its own products in large-scale online shopping.

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