Medical website construction program

Medical website construction program

medical website construction program


first, project objectives 3

1.1 needs analysis 3

1.2 site goals and expectations 3

1.3 web site design principles 4

1.4 solution 4

two, the overall structure of the site 6

three, the main columns and site management functions 7

3.1 site home page 7

3.2 medicine 7

3.3 News Center 7

3.4 product display 11

3.5 product supply and demand 13

3.6 human resources 13

3.7 for your service 14

3.8 member center (recommended column) 14

3.9 customer feedback 15

four, website analysis and statistics system 18

five, network promotion 24

six, our advantage 24

6.1 technical force 24

6.2 solution 24

6.3 project management 25

6.4 after-sales service 25

seven, website rights management 25

eight, website construction progress and implementation process 25

8.1 project cooperation with member 25

8.2 project implementation method 26

nine, cost budget 27

9.1 site part 27

9.2 website promotion quote 29

first, project objectives

1.1 needs analysis

now the development of the network has been commercialized, universal, globalization trend. At present, almost all the companies in the world in the use of network transmission of business information, business activities, business, advertising, publicity from the recruitment of employees, the transmission of commercial documents and even expand the market, online sales equal to anything. Nowadays, the network has become the strategic means for enterprises to compete. The diversified development of enterprises and the further expansion of the scale of the enterprise provide higher requirements for the management, business expansion and brand image of the enterprise. With the support of information technology, more and more enterprises use the network as an effective tool. The site has already entered the substantive stage by the demonstration stage, especially for the enterprise to provide a stage to show their own, for consumers to create a shortcut to understand the enterprise. The company can build business

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