AdWords competitor BannerPlay’s survival simpler and more powerful

AdWords competitor BannerPlay’s survival simpler and more powerful



for small and medium enterprises, on the network with a small amount of money to carry out advertising marketing and success is not an easy thing to do. Although Google and Facebook can provide advertising services for small businesses, but the web banners or by those who have the strength of large enterprises occupy funds, small businesses do not ranked on the number. To this end, Israeli companies BannerPlay to provide professional services for small and medium sized enterprises banner ads, take the pay per click model.

BannerPlay, head of marketing Niv Calderon said: "BannerPlay" banner advertising system is very simple, do not need to hire a designer can design exquisite advertising, and then choose the media, we also provide analysis tools. BannerPlay provides one-stop service for customers."

BannerPlay is one of the highlights is to allow real-time changes in advertising strategy, at any time to replace the advertising content or advertising display location.

BannerPlay is popular because of its ease of use. This only 6 companies seem to have become a strong competitor Google. Calderon points to more and more advertising orders, saying that this is the result of its simple operation, professional advertising. In addition, customers can also add their own code in advertising banners.

Calderon said: BannerPlay operation is too simple, only 5 minutes, you can complete the production of advertising. We provide customers with a large number of advertising templates, but also can provide customized advertising services on demand." BannerPlay advertising template is very interesting, such as a wheel of fortune, crossword puzzles, enables advertisers and consumers more interactive.

BannerPlay banner ads can also be implanted into YouTube video, contact information, Facebook like buttons etc.. Calderon said that even if you do not click on the ads, you can also marketing.

BannerPlay created a new advertising ecosystem.

BannerPlay’s next goal is to allow designers and game developers to join the advertising ecosystem. For example, if a designer template is used, after the ad on the line every time, the designer can also get a certain amount of revenue sharing.

BannerPlay hopes to create a set of designers, developers, advertisers, consumer advertising ecosystem. "When you choose Google to advertise, you don’t know where your ad will be, but because you trust Google>