From the website of Beijing, we need to see what the big promotion

From the website of Beijing, we need to see what the big promotion

saw the end of the year, whether it is the traditional retail or electricity supplier companies have entered the promotion season". This is not, this week ushered in the Christmas and new year’s day two festivals. The promotion of traditional retail sales has kicked off, many businesses have done a variety of promotional activities. They are different from the electricity supplier business promotion momentum is not large. It’s no wonder, after all, the electricity supplier has just experienced two great in strength and impetus promotion, whether consumers or business itself is very tired. Even so, the electricity supplier’s sales are still in wildly beating gongs and drums for a variety of problems, to prevent the two times before the promotion brings. Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association recently convened 44 e-commerce enterprises proposed future website held large-scale promotional not only brought to the business sector for the record, to establish the customer service complete emergency treatment scheme.

survey shows that this year has received 25649 complaints online shopping, accounting for the total number of complaints of the same period last year, an increase of 1.86 times, the problem is concentrated in the consumer contract, after-sales service, the quality of goods. Complaints among the top 5 products are: mobile phone and mobile phone accessories, daily necessities, household appliances, food, clothing and shoes. Although the problems and problems are concentrated in several aspects of the product, but careful users have found that these issues have covered all aspects of online shopping and even life. Overall, these problems have long been, but after this year’s electricity supplier price war and electricity supplier has been greatly promoted the great problem exposed. In the face of these problems, the relevant departments of the introduction of appropriate interventions are reasonable.

business sector intervention is a major advance in electricity supplier

above mentioned problems as early as August this year, the electricity supplier price war has been exposed. Even triggered a collective trust crisis electricity supplier, but these problems have not been properly resolved, but also after the promotion war intensified. For the electricity supplier, they see the glory of the promotion of 11 rather than it exposed problems. It can be said that the relative loss of 12 pairs of electricity supplier development benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Because it has to get them to think about the problems and develop new ways. However, due to the previous bad habits, rely on their own self-discipline to put an end to these problems is still a problem. At this time, the intervention of the functional departments of Beijing has become a new way to solve these problems.

this event is not only reflected in the progress of the problem. At the same time, it is also an important embodiment of the network management and the improvement of the laws and regulations of the network. It is a great progress to help the whole country to complete the relevant laws, regulations and management measures through the corresponding management of the local and the restriction measures. Beijing trade and Industry Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing E-Commerce Association practice is worth learning from other places. At the same time, we should make this local regulatory measures to make a small range of specific initiatives, and a step by step to expand. The improvement of the child is father of the man of electronic commerce and the entire Internet industry supervision and relevant laws and regulations, consumers.